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Ban appeal

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Name:GL Brockops007


Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:184804493


Banned by: BlakeS


Ban reason: Ghosting


Why you should be unbanned: ok so let me explain the situation, it wsa a normal round I was innocent and I see this person sniping so I kos him nobody listens so I go up to the top of the tower and start shooting, then one of the other inno's kills me and in my report I said "that person was a traitor" immediately after I get perm banned for ghosting. so in my case I wasn't given the chance to explain the situation and in turn I am now perm banned from all GFL servers


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Guest SkydivingSquid
Posted  Edited by SkydivingSquid


1 - Ghosting            Perma           May 2018

1 - “Consistent”      1 day               Mar 2018
1 - RDM                    12hr                Aug 2017

1 - Mass                    1 week           Jul   2017
1 - Att Mass             1 week           Jun  2017

1 - RDM/Leave        1 day              Oct 2016



Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 12.47.21 PM.png



@MilkMan, based on the length between incidents and that the Admin who banned him isn’t an Admin anymore (at least from what I can see) I would recommend unbanning him with the understanding that another 1w bannable offense (Mass RDM, Targeting, Ghosting) will result in a Perma_ban that cannot be appealed.  

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1 hour ago, TimeForYouToGetAWatch said:

@Pyros you just tagged someone who isn’t an admin an admin anymore boy


@MilkMan can deal with this 

it's his ban, I tagged him to see if maybe he could shed some light on this





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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