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Posted  Edited by Leks - Edit Reason: more info and spelling

Hey everyone.


I'm Leks NOT LEEKS or LEAKS you spell it LÉKS, like you read E as EH, not E (looking at you, Potato). But that's not important as I am quite easy-going.


Some of you might probably acknowledge my existence from GFL GMOD Prophunt server (RIP In pepperoni it was best server tbh, bought gmod only to play there) and perhaps more recently from GFL CS:GO Jailbreak server where I am the dankest player:kappa:.
I am 18 yo. I sexually identify myself as non-binary which means I don't think I fit within male or female gender. I am single(for now :lenny:). I currently live somewhere in Europe, in a country that is most known for not being spain and giving birth to Brazil. I like kebabs like a lot dude kebabs are the shit like omg I dig that so hard. I am probably super cringy when you get to know me but it's okay, I'll make your cringe worthwhile.
I used to wander around forums before this big "security breach" or whatever happened. Decided to come back and post now and then.

Currently I play League of Legends(EUW), CS:GO, Rust and some other games.


If you want to know more about me, don't try contacting me because I will not tell you shit so gtfo





p.s. I actually sexually identify myself as a male so pls don't think I'm a feminist kthx :>

Edited by Leks
more info and spelling


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11 hours ago, Joshy said:



Welcome to the revamped forums!  I'm assuming the country you speak of is one with pork and cheese :lenny: #eufalomuitopouco



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