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'Bobble's Back!' (REVISED) SCP-993 "Bobble The Clown"

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Posted  Edited by Maximino007

Original Suggestion: Just a better version of 1471


Inspired by Behind the Scenes: http://www.scp-wiki.net/behind-the-scenes

(I was reading SCP-993 because I have an Clown SCP fetish.)


SCP-993's Article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-993



SCP-993 is a children's television program entitled "Bobble the Clown" which first began airing in ██/██/19██. SCP-993 seems to have been made in the style of an educational cartoon, with the primary plot of most episodes being the titular character, Bobble the Clown, learning a new skill or activity.


'Bobbles's Back!' Episode:

Setting of episode appears to be Dr. █████'s office. Bobble appears in the room and Dr. █████ registers shock, then faces the viewer and smiles. Bobble and Dr. █████ then appear to converse for fifteen minutes, although no dialogue is audible. Fifteen minutes in, Dr. █████ raises a pistol and fires upon Bobble to no effect. Bobble then systematically dismembers and removes facial extremities from Dr. █████ using a large butchers knife. Signs of movement are visible from Dr. █████ for three minutes, after which the credits roll. Alarmingly, Dr. █████ disappeared without a trace a day before the episode broadcasted.



You are a children's television

program protagonist who's hobby

is to commit crimes. Show them

your not just a fictional show




Team: SCP Objects

Health: 900 - 1100

Attack Damage: 20

Attack Speed: Rapid

Movement Speed: Human Speed (Can Walk & Run)

Spawn: N/A


  Items & Mechanics

-Butcher Knife (Explained more at Information)

-Level 2 Keycard

Note: SCP-993 cannot pick up other items from the ground or drop items.


Special: Stealth (Explained more at Information)



Butcher Knife (Item)

Range: Close

Damage: 20

Attack Speed: Rapid

Bobble The Clown's Butcher Knife

From the Episodes: 'Bobble's Sneaky Saturday'

& 'Bobble's Back!'


Special: Stealth

If SCP-993 is walking

by holding shift, SCP-993

will be invisible.

People can still hover over

it's model to see it's


If SCP-993 is damaged or attacks someone,

it will become visible again.

If SCP-993 is taken out of it's stealth mode,

SCP-993 would have to wait 15 Seconds before

going back into stealth mode again.



SCP-993: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118827309

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1 hour ago, The1337Gh0st said:

if 993 becomes visible out of stealth, is there a cooldown on it?

Oh forgot to say what the cooldown is, I'll be editing the suggestion, but if your still wondering it is a 15 second cooldown

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