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Yeah, I’m Done

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Forgive me if the title seems a bit harsh, I don’t intend it to be that way.


I’ve resigned, then came back so many times that it doesn’t even matter at this point, but this time is final.


Being here in this community for 4, nearly 5 years has taken a toll. The more I played, the more I felt tired and empty about playing, until I realized that it’s just not for me anymore. Video games, as a medium for fun, is no longer fun for me. And that worries me. I’ve made so many memories with all the games I’ve played and all the people I’ve met over the years, yet now, whenever I boot up my faithful laptop, I just don’t feel it anymore.


I thought being an admin would help alleviate that feeling, and it did. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve laughed with some people over some stupid bullshit that happened whenever I hopped onto a server to do what I signed up to do. The memories are great, ngl. But sooner or later, I felt the same lethargy that I feel whenever I want to play a game. It feels like a slow-growing balloon inside, simply getting larger and larger whenever I try playing anything. Nothing seems to abate it, not playing with friends, not trying to play different things, nothing.


I guess me being here, trying to be an admin, was a desperate attempt at reclaiming what I loved to do, but now I don’t see it. Coupling that with recent events and an impending demotion, and here I am. Pondering on whether or not I should even keep playing anymore.


For me, being an admin was fun. Being able to watch over nonsense while sometimes partaking in said nonsense is something that I loved to do. But I’ve been here way too long. The repetition is enough to make people do very stupid things in order to break that tedium, and I fell for the trap. Oh well. Things happen. You can’t take back what you’ve already done, but you can change what you do for the future.


So I’ve made up my mind. I’m done. With this community, with the people I’ve met, with gaming in general. If I don’t like what I’m doing (in this case, playing video games), then why even bother? I’ve made a decision to cut it out of my lifestyle entirely and focus on making myself better as a person, instead of a gamer.


So here we are. After this, I’m going and uninstalling anything related to video games. If I’m going to do this, I need to go all in or nothing will change. I’ll just be sitting there in a useless cycle wondering what to do next.




I’ve actually planned for this for a while now. I have a great new job set up, and I’m going to start next month. Once I gain some experience, I’m going to join the U.S. Navy for their benefits, and hopefully find a new calling.


It’s been nice knowing you guys. It really has. You guys have introduced me to some really great and funny things that i never would have found if I hadn’t joined those 4-5 years ago. But I need to cut this out of my life because I’m not moving forward. I’m always stuck in the same spot every time.


So that’s it. I wish you all luck in the future. Try not to let the same thing happen to you guys, huh? I’d hate to see such a great community go under.





P.S. Maybe in the future I’ll see you guys again, and we can all have a good chat about our lives.


Peace out.

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Games in general currently are boring and I don't blame you for cutting it out of your life. I am waiting till games become fun again because the market is extremely dry. Take care man! 


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Another heartfelt reply while I'm still on for now.

You and I have had sparse interactions, however, I've known about you for a while.  What I've seen out of you (besides the constant resignations and reappearances) has been mostly positive.  Working with you for a short period of time during my time as a TTT trial admin has been fantastic.  I really wish I got to know you more, and I wish that we spent more time together.

Adios amigo,



(Made by @Rose, thx :D)


[Former]- Breach Admin, OLD Purge SR. Admin, HnS admin, GMOD Murder admin, GMOD JB Admin, TTT Admin, Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, Public Relations Team Member, Media Team Member


I'm out



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Guest SkydivingSquid

Its been a wild ride, @myPHART. Best of luck with your decision to join the Navy. I think you will find that it is a very rewarding decision, whether you serve for 4 years or 20+. I’ve met people who loved it, some who hated it, but no one who ever regretted it. Hit me up sometime. Beers on me. 🦑 

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