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Server ban appeal

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Your In-Game Name: weiyuan394

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:108848503

Ban reason and Length: 

Soliciting people from ZE to buy CS:GO keys from him

Banned Permanently

Admin That Banned You: xSnowyAngel

Appeal Reason: It's better to give it a shot than to do nothing so I'll appeal again as it has been 3 months since I last made an appeal for my server ban. The reason that I got banned for was because I asked some of my steam friends to buy CSGO keys from me by paying me through paypal (I am seller, my steam friends is the buyer in this case. If you know about the paypal scam, its where the buyer pay the seller for the price of CSGO items through paypal first then file a chargeback after the seller has traded his/her CSGO items to the buyer's steam account. The seller can't do anything about it after he/she traded his/her CSGO items to the buyer's steam account, but the buyer can still file a chargeback after receiving the CSGO items from the seller, effectively scamming the seller). So I the seller, risk getting scammed by my steam friends as they can file a chargeback after I traded my CSGO keys to their steam account, but my steam friends as the buyer, do not have to worry about getting scammed because once I the seller, have traded my CSGO keys to the buyer (my steam friends), I can't do anything to get it back since its up to the buyer (my steam friends) if he/she wants to give me back my CSGO keys through steam trading. And all of this was done OUTSIDE OF GFL zombie escape server via steam pm (when I asked my steam friends to buy CSGO keys from me). So even if the admin team and/ or Snowy felt that it was a rule that I have broken and decided to punish me, I think I should be given a chance to be unbanned, taking into account of the scenario that I broke the rule. NOTE: I am not trying to quarrel or argue with the admin team or Snowy, I am just stating the reasons which got me my latest ban clearly so I can solve any misunderstandings with the admin team & Snowy. I really really want to be forgiven as GFL is my favourite zombie escape server to play on (said it many times before 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️), I am sincerely asking for forgiveness from the admin team & Snowy. Yes ik I have joined the server using many alts and also asked people to tell Elemental that his voice is cute, gentle, sexy which is creepy so I apologize for that (since CSGO is free now), so it would be right that I do not deserve to be unbanned right now as it still shows that I have not changed entirely, so I want to apologize to all the admin team & Snowy for joining alts to try to bypass my server ban, and I seek for their forgiveness. But I can assure you guys that from now onwards, I will not join the server using any alts to bypass my ban (its really up to you guys to trust me now since CSGO is free to play now and I can't control that as I'm not gaben). Nevertheless, I will not give up in getting unbanned, I will behave well and then reappeal again after few months if this appeal gets rejected. Hope the admin team & Snowy could feel my sincerity. @xSnowyAngel @Cobra


Yours sincerely,


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