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SCP-011 Info and SCP-1799 Voicelines

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So I got very lucky and became SCP-011 (with 3 people on) and later I got SCP-1799 (to which the server decided to lag out and crash a few minutes later).

So here I will share the start screens of both, with the statistics of SCP-011's musket. SCP-1799's revolver does ~60 damage a shot.






Also of note: Klourice reported hearing birds in his video playing as 011. He concluded the bird sounds were like the birds haunting 011 in the article. I didn't hear any birds while I played as him. Either it was removed/changed, or Klourice is crazy.





I think SCP-1799 is op in his current state, I will probably make a suggestion later.


Here are all of the voice lines that I personally heard. 

I will try to type them the way Kaito said them. (Note: Good job Kaito!)

If you want to hear them, find 1799 in-game ;)


Voice lines:

Hahaha... I will crush your skull with my bare hands... hahaha

(or something like that. I didn't get this one on recording)


Hehehuehuehue... Just... Quiet... All of you... PLEASE... hahaHaHaHa


... gonna drive mE INSANE HAHAHA...


If it was this easy to kill me... I would have done it years ago.


Hohue... bullets don't work on me... hahaha


Huehuhu... no one is going to recognize you after this.


Your eyes will make great soft serve sprinkles... ohohohooo


[laughter turns to sobbing] Oh God... [unintelligible] hueHaHahA

(my best guess for the unintelligible is "no way...")


And that is all of them. I think. Let me know if you hear any other lines that I missed.

Also Max, I hope you are happy with this

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