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Amnestics! (and amnestic grenades)

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Now, this idea has been on my mind for a little bit now. After some consideration, I think now is the right time to suggest it as it coincides well with spartan's suggestion and Haxray's suggestion.

I used this guide as a reference: http://www.scp-wiki.net/updated-amnestics-guide


Amnestics 101

You might be asking me, "Pizzy, how do you plan on making people forget memories???" and I am glad you asked.

Amnestics will work like this: when you get affected by an amnestic, your scoreboard (default is the Tab button) will change. It will list no roles other than the alive "???" and the Spectators. Everyone alive will be under ??? and everyone spectating will be under Spectators. 



939 admits a natural Class B/C amnestic. (For the server's sake we will say B) Not only is this lore friendly, but it will also act as a buff to 939. Either...

1. 939 gains an AoE around it that amnesticizes people for the rest of the round

2. 939 amnesticizes people for the rest of the round when they are hurt by 939


Amnestic Grenades

I mean aerosol based grenades aren't too farfetched, right? Right?

How it will work: you throw the grenade, it creates a colored(?) gas column with the same gas as 681. If you walk through it, you will be amnesticized for a time determined by the type of amnestic.

- Types

Class A - The column itself only lasts 5 minutes. Victims will forget for 3 minutes until it wears off. The most common type of amnestic grenade.

Class B - The column lasts for 2 minutes. Victims will be amnesticized for 5 minutes. A rarer grenade type.

Class I - The column lasts for 6 minutes. Victims will be amnesticized for 7 minutes. Class-Es are the only class that can possibly spawn with this grenade type.

(so Class I grenades are meant for either special rounds, or if Class-Es are ever re-added)


Run with this idea. I'm sure Xy, Doomnack, Haxray, or any others can implement this better, or in new, different ways.


- Anomalous types of amnestics

- Amnestics that cause vision problems and the like (aka side effects)

- A better system


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