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TTT Minecraft Weapon/Item Tier List

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Posted  Edited by MooTheCow

Hey, you there. Yes you! Are you new to the server and want to be a better TTT player? Well just follow this list and use the best weapons to improve your game!


Blue = Detective only weapon/item that only they can buy.

Red = Traitor only Weapon/item that only they can buy.

Green = Anyone can get the weapon/item at the start of the round.

* = Weapons/items I suggest you go for first in tier 1. 


Traitor weapons/items are tiered from a traitor perspective

Detective weapons/items are tiered from a detective perspective

Terrorist weapons are tiered from a general perspective.


Weapons now have a (Damage/Fire Rate/Recoil/Accuracy) rating at the end of their description.

These are tiered by weapon class 3 being highest tier, 1 being lowest tier.


Click on the weapon name if you want to see what it looks like.


Tier 1 - Essentially the best weapons/items in the game


* Body Armour -> This item reduces the amount of damage you take.

C4 -> This weapon if placed right can kill a whole hoard of innocents. The longer the timer the large the radius.

Famas -> This weapon has good damage accuracy and fire rate. (3/2/2/2)

Deagle -> This weapon does the most damage out of all the pistols and can easily one shot players with a head-shot. (3/2/1/3)

Decoy -> This item redirects your dna to it. Very useful to have if you're a traitor that doesn't want to be tracked. Able to be placed in the T-room for a whole round of not being tracked.

Disguiser -> This items hides your name to other players which stops them from calling a kos on you. Be careful because you will have no one to them which means that you're disguised.

Golden Sword -> This weapon takes a bit to equip but is an easy close quarters kill.

G3SG1 -> This weapon is the silenced sniper of the game, very similar to the rifle. (2/2/2/2)

Trident -> This weapon throws a harpoon which will one shot  any one when they are far enough away from you and is easy/quick to use. (3/2/2/2)

Health Station -> This item heals players which can benefit either team depending on how you use it .

M16 -> Default TTT gun, is pretty good if you can aim at the head. (2/2/2/3)

M3S90 -> Similar to the the Shotgun. (3/2/2/3)

P-90 -> This weapon is the most powerful detective only weapon. It can mow down a traitor very quickly with it's high damage and very high fire rate. It does have somewhat bad recoil, however the traitor would be dead by the point where it becomes a problem, unless they are very far away. (3/3/2/1)

Shotgun -> The best close combat weapon in the game, one shot can kill a traitor with body amour and it's range is decent for being a shotgun.  (3/2/2/3)

SR 3M Vikhr -> This weapon has good damage and excellent fire rate. However it suffers from lack of accuracy and controllable recoil. Good to use in close quarters combat(3/2/1/1)

Slam -> This weapon is very flexible in it's ability to take out someone who walks into it or take out a group of enemies by throwing it.



Tier 2 - Good but has problems.


AK-47 -> This weapon is a traitor only weapon that deals good damage but suffers from a lack of accuracy. (3/2/1/1)

AWP -> This traitor only weapon can kill innocents in one shot if shot at the chest or head. However it may require two shots to kill a detective. (3/2/2/2)

Discombulator -> This weapon once thrown pushes people into the air, if used on a cliff they can fall to their deaths.

Dragon Elites -> This weapon is a pistol which has very good damage and fire rate for easy kills when aiming at the head. (3/2/2/1)

Incendiary Grenade -> This weapon once throw explodes and creates a fire, damaging anyone caught in it.

Intervention -> This weapon is the detective only sniper rifle. Has good damage and excellent recoil/accuracy. (3/1/3/3)

 Honey Badger -> This weapon has a very good fire rate and decent damage. It suffers from low recoil and accuracy.  (2/3/1/1)

H.U.G.E. -> This weapon is the machine gun of the game. It suffers from recoil and lack of damage. (3/3/1/2)

Jihad -> This weapon makes you explode and anyone in the radius goes with you. While this weapon now has a good explosion radius, it still ends your t round.

Pistol -> This weapon is a the default pistol and does a decent amount of damage. (2/2/2/2)

Poltergeist -> This weapon latches an explosive on a item that you can pick up with the magneto stick dealing damage with each explosion. However it is slow to explode and can be avoided easily if not use in small space.

Radar -> This item lets you see where innos and traitors if you're a traitor or innos are if you're a detective. However due to the map being small you don't really use this unless you are trying to avoid players or find them during the end of the round.

Rifle -> The weapon is the regular rifle and can kill players with a head-shot. (2/2/2/2)

Sandwich -> This will health some health and you have 4 uses of it.

Silenced M4 -> This weapon is the silenced form of the M4 and has a better fire rate. (2/2/2/2)

Stun-gun -> This weapon is the newest detective only weapon. It fires a stun gun at a player immobilizing them and making them an easy kill. However this weapon has a short range, being only to purchase one and is easy to miss.

Teleporter -> This item is useful for getting away from players trying to hunt you down. It takes a few seconds to teleport.

TMP -> This weapon is the silenced detective only weapon. It suffers from a lack of damage. (2/2/2/2)



Tier 3 - Not that great, you should use other weapon/items.


Aug -> This weapon has decent fire rate but lacks damage and scope accuracy. (1/2/1/3)

Binoculars -> This detective only weapon lets you scan a body from far away. It suffers from being a niche situation item where you would only use it to see players who died from nether trap or far in the ocean.

Cloud boots -> Protects from fall damage, not really needed.

Defuser -> This items lets you automatically defuse c4's. This suffers from being a niche situation item due to the fact that no one really uses >45s c4's. 

Firework crossbow -> Fires a crossbow that launches people, including you. Doesn't launch people that far and requires cloud boots for it not to kill you from fall damage.

Flare gun -> This weapon has 4 shots which if shot at a body burns it and makes it disappear from the map and can be shot at players for a small amount of burn damage.

Galil -> This weapon is a smg with bad rate of fire and okay damage. (1/1/2/2)

Glock -> This weapon is a default pistol that has a good fire rate but lacks damage.  (1/3/1/1)

Mac 10 -> This weapon has okay rate of fire but has bad recoil and accuracy. (2/2/1/1)

Newton Launcher -> This weapon launches players with a blast from the gun but suffers from lack of push power.

P228 -> This weapon is pistol which suffers from low fire rate. (2/1/2/2)

Radio -> This item can create noises such as gunshots or C4 noises, however it is very situational.

Silenced Pistol -> This weapon is another traitor only silenced weapon. It suffers from a lack of damage and fire rate. (2/1/2/2)

Smoke Grenade -> This weapon once thrown, creates a cloud of smoke. This weapon suffers from being a niche scenario weapon and the fact that players can still use suitzoom on you if you're in it.

UMP -> This weapon if shot at a player makes their aim wonky but suffers immensely from a lack of damage. (1/2/2/2)

Visualiser -> This items lets you see where the shot came from which killed someone. It suffers from it not telling you much to help you find the traitor.


Leave any suggestions/missing stuff in the comments below.




Change log:



Added Aug
Added AWP
Added SK 3M Vikhar

Fixed MK45C name


Moved Hk MP5 from tier 2 to tier 3

Moved Glock from tier 2 to tier 3

Added * suggestions

Added Teleporter

Added Incendiary Grenade

Added Discombobulater 

Added Smoke Grenade

Fixed SR 3M Vikhr name

Fixed M3S90 name

Added Teleporter

Added Disguiser

Added images for all weapons/items


Stun gun moved from tier 1 to tier 2.

Changed some descriptions

Added Damage/Fire rate/ Recoil/ Accuracy for weapons.


Mac 10 moved from tier 3 to tier 2

M4 moved from tier 3 to tier 2

Jihad moved from tier 3 to tier 2


Huge moved from tier 3 to tier 2, damage 1 to 3, accuracy 1 to 2


m16 added to tier 1

SR 3M Vikhr moved to tier 1

Galil  moved to tier 3

Rifle  moved to tier 2

Mac-10 added to tier 3

Honey badger moved to tier 2

Dragon elites moved to tier 2

Crosswbow and Cloudboots added to tier 3 (new)

Sandwich added to tier 2 (new)

Knife removed  from tier list

KAC-PWD removed from tier list

HK-45C removed from tier list

MP5 removed from tier list

HK MP5 removed from tier list

Edited by MooTheCow


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Guest SkydivingSquid

@Zero and I have been trying to fix the Jihads radius. It’s a lot easier said than done. Throughout days of testing, I was unable to get it to change at all. This is definitely something I plan on working on. I’ll add it to the discord projects list. 


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1 hour ago, SkydivingSquid said:

@Zero and I have been trying to fix the Jihads radius. It’s a lot easier said than done. Throughout days of testing, I was unable to get it to change at all. This is definitely something I plan on working on. I’ll add it to the discord projects list. 


I can look into it and probably figure out a fix easily sometime tomorrow. Just pm me on discord if you'd like me to do so.



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Posted  Edited by MooTheCow
23 hours ago, Mom said:

Honey badger and vikhr, nerd

Honey was already there you acorn. Also I think the vikhr is called the hk mp5 in game.

10 hours ago, TimeForYouToGetAWatch said:

Technically anyone can use any Traitor / Detective weapon that’s a gun 


9 hours ago, Jerry Hat Trick said:

Kind of an obvious one - the AWP


8 hours ago, SSPigeonShit said:

Making me fuckin read this shit


Edit: Also, the binoculars were removed @MooTheCow you heccin frick


Edited by MooTheCow


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Guest SkydivingSquid
Posted  Edited by SkydivingSquid
5 hours ago, Toothless said:

Fix the silenced pistol

@ToothlessWhat’s wrong with it?

Edited by SkydivingSquid

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41 minutes ago, SkydivingSquid said:

@ToothlessWhat’s wrong with it?

Probably the fact that it's crap


Also the list has been updated, small changes, added some more stuff and now images for all the stuff so you actually know what you're looking for. :hahayes:



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