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Moo Im A Goat

GFL TTT ban appeal

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Posted  Edited by pancake4me

Name: Moo Im a Goat


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:87563674


Banned by: Lawlnesss


Ban reason: RDM and leave


Why you should be unbanned: I never just go rdm people for no reason and then leave i would just take a slay and if i ever to rdm on purpose its on my close friends who probably would forgive me but if they dont i would just take a slay. I am unsure if someone did report me at the time but if they did i am sure i could tell them why i killed them but i dont know if anyone did report me. I just reported someone who accidently fell on me and i forgave him but i dont think i had reports when i logged off if you tell me if someone reported me i can say why i killed them


edit a little later  

Okay after thinking if i did have an reports while i was dead. i might have had one I was going to the tower cuz i heard shooting so i was gonna go check it out and i wanted to equip my shotgun but i double clicked to siwtch to it and it  made me shot a guy and at a like the exact same time he shot me tooo but mine was a little faster so i thought he was shooting me cuz i acidently shot him  but i said sorry stop i didnt mean to shoot  but he didnt stop and his initial shot felt way too close with the acidently shot on him so i thought it was not as a reaction so maybe he meant to shoot me and since i didnt see him iding any bodies after the shooting up on tower i shot back and killed him but like 30 seconds i deid when a detective fell on me. I reported him wondering why he shot me but then the logs showed he fell on me I forgave him cuz he probably didnt mean to fall on me after i forgave him i left cuz i didnt know i had a report. if  i did have a report it might have been from him but i can not think of anyone else but if he did report me he probably took his sweet time telling me he is reporting me since i had killed him like 45 seconds before i died and then after i died i submitted my own report and got a reply and a this time i still did not have a report on me. i went to watch utube while i was spectator and then got in a fight for the main computer i have with my little brother who wanted to play so i let him play and he exit gmod to play unturned. If he reported me for rdm then he should not have taken forever reporting me jeez i would have just taken a slay or whatever. I even reported someone myself and forgave him after finding out he fell on me not shot me from logs yet at the time i still had no report

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If I could show you the report I would but I know you're a good player but you had rdmed someone I totally forgot the reason, and they did not forgive you. But I'll unban you since you seem like you did not even know you had done it. But don't let this happen again because it won't be removed.



Please close this.

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