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Coconut Head- Admin App.

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Posted  Edited by HackingPotato
Name: Chris or Coconut Head
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53071008
Age: 14 
Play-time: 14 Hours

Why do you want to become an admin?: I want to become admin because I think I have lots of potential in making this server up there with the other good JB servers. I have been watching and learning on the current servers of how to be a good admin and i think i learned enough to actually be an admin. I know all the rules because i have been playing JB for almost 1 year and I know how to goes by now. I am mature and friendly, I might be 14 but im not crazy like the other teen players.
Why should we accept you?: I think you should accept me because i have lots of experience and I know how to watch a server, I participate in wardening because it helps me with communication, grammar-english, and overall just wardening itself. I am active I play in the morning so that means there are kids screaming and not that much admins on, in that case i would want to be able to mute them so that the warden can talk. I spend most of my time on this server to make it the best it can be. 
Coconut Head,
Extra information: I will be changing my time everyday on my app. Im sreddz i got hacked
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Posted  Edited by Leks
15 hours ago, CoconutHead said:

Im not trying to app for Head admin

So innocent...

Anyway, hello Chris, thank you for applying. You might have noticed already that our fellow colleague Hatty is the sarcastic type. If you really want to be admin, think twice, because you'll have to endure him hehehe. 

Now seriously: I don't have an opinion regarding this app for now. Stay tuned ;)




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I'm going to give a -1.


The following are things I think you could improve on if you want to become an admin.


1. I have only seen you on the server once or twice, try and get your hours up a little bit. 14 is not a lot when applying for Admin.

2. Get to know the admins. We don't bite, and getting to know us before applying really helps so we can see if you're fit for the job.

3. Try and engage more in the server. I haven't seen you use your mic much when I was playing with you. If you do have a mic, use it!


Regardless, thanks for applying. If you have any questions or concerns please message me on the forums or add me on steam!


NOTE: I am NOT denying your application, I am simply giving my opinion on your application. Only HackingPotato can accept/deny applications. 

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Personally I've never seen you on the server


So at the moment I'm going to give you a -1 


Build up your playtime on the server and start building your relationship within the community and I'll come back to review my answer



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