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Antheer - Admin Application

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Name: Antheer - Jorden
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:82819999
Age: 14, 15 in 1 month.
Play-time: Almost 50 hours.

Why do you want to become an admin?: I would like to become an admin to moderate the server, I don't feel anymore special then the next person in line applying for admin, I'm just me. I think I could help the server with all the new people who join the server and don't quite know the rules. I could also help with situations such as argument's and people not obeying the rules.
Why should we accept you?:  Honestly, I don't know why you should accept me, there are other people you could accept that are much better than me. It's more of a hit or miss, you take a swing, then things happen. But, I am good with people, the only down-side is I sound super young, no one would see me as an authority figure. I have also read all the rules, I can teach a few people about the rules and possibly helpfully recruit some people!
Extra information: I am not the best at being an admin, and I know I probably don't deserve it, but It's up to you whether to hit or miss, thanks!
Note: Constructive criticism helps!  

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-1 from me. 


I feel the same way as Hatty,


- I think you are a little too immature for admin.

- I think you argue unfairness of punishments when clearly the punishment is fair.

- I don't think you respect all the admins.


Try to stop acting so immature and maybe you will have a future as an admin.

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-1 from me also.

- I remember when you first joined the server you kept screaming freekill on everything, when you were wrong (and didnt read rules)

- Immature

- Dont know admin staff well nor try too

- You like to mic spam which results in tmutes

- As ct, you are okay, alittle kill hungry


overall i think you can improve your admin app, and try to petition for one again when you get to know the staff and try to be more mature in alot of circumstances. 


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Its a -1 from me as well


I have seen you on the server quite a few times which is great but you haven't shown to me that you can be mature and handle normal situations in game.


I.e. when playing T-side you mic spam even when asked not too, your also argue with admins/warden about free-killing and baiting which shows that you either haven't read the rules OR your just not mature enough to admit your own mistakes.


Things you should improve on before ill consider changing my answer;

1- Make sure you have read the rules and understand them fully (This means that when there is an issue you can help by calmly explaining why someone may be doing something wrong)

2-Get to know the current admins and try to build a good relationship with them (You are applying to work alongside these people closely and if they don't believe you're suited for the job then they won't want to work alongside you!)

3-Watch how other players play when they are the warden and learn how they keep the games interesting (Its not about keeping people in line 100% of the time, its finding a balance of fun and control)

4-Your admin application is supposed to sell You. You need to improve it to show use exactly why you want to be admin. If you need help just look at the accepted admins first posts to understand what could be considered a good admin application (It needs to be informative and clear on why we should pick you, stating that your a hit or miss isn't instilling trust in me that your capable at all)



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