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Taking a bit of a break

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Hey I know I've told My admin peers of 1V1 Arena about me taking a break, and I'm serious about this time. I've been On 1V1 CSGO Arena of GFL from 

  • March 15, 2019 < 11 months right now, but when the 15th of march hits it will be one year of me playing on the server> I have some stuff to deal with in real life, I rarely don't have time to play on the server at this time of being. I want to tell all of my admin friends that I'm going to be on a break, off of Cs:Go Community server and Cs:Go. This not a goodbye, the next time I'm coming back is when i have everything figured out hopefully. Being happy and in a comfortable state of mind. 
  • I want to thank anyone, who would take their time to read this, Who has known me from the start of joining in GFL's 1v1 Community.
  • Special Thanks to @JGuary551 @Broskii @Mamoru @Angry  
  • Just make it clear this is not a GOOOOOOD BYE or a Resignation


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Sum as ive said ever since you became admin. Admin is not paid therefor we do not expect you to be admin before taking care of yourself. I think its good you're doing something for yourself, and im proud of you to be strong and say it. Just know that we are a family here and when ever you come back you'll be welcomed with open arms ❤️ Hope the break isnt too long, I dont wanna miss ya too much :P 

 former Head admin and Manager - CS:GO 1v1



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Hey man, you have good time and really enjoy yourself. I super respect you being able to be honest with yourself on when it’s time for a break from something. Goodluck!

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