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What games are fun?

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Someone pls tell me what games are fun bcs i have nothing in mind ive just been playing roblox and thats getting a lil boring. Also if u wanna play rust with me tell me bcs i need help learning how to spray ak like my head it dont work.

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Counter Strike Global Offensive might be a good idea, it'll help your aim for stuff like rust. Plus, in the summer Valorant is coming out. It's like CS mixed with Overwatch and the experience in CS will carry over to Valorant when it comes out in the summer. Valorant will be freeeee

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Unturned can be fun if you find the right server, it is also free. Rust is really fun if you can find friends to play with. Insurgency Sandstorm if you are into more realistic shooters, not as extreme as Escape from Tarkov though. Minecraft is also fun with friends, PC Building Simulator for a more relaxed game, pretty cheap too. 


On 4/5/2020 at 6:37 PM, Joshy said:

You can kill a lot of time on RuneScape :)

I wanna get into RuneScape not sure how though lol




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