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Ryukai's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Ryukai


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:56136520


Banned by: duc2000


Ban Reason: Super Mass


Why should you be unbanned

Hi :3
so i have no memory of playing on this server but it says i was permanently banned back in 2017, i dont rlly know what super mass means but i guess it must be bad cause it caused me to get perma banned...

I'm generally a nice guy and i just want to play some TTT, im sorry for whatever i did back in 2017.
i understand if i dont get unbanned but it would be nice if you considered giving me a chance.
thankyou for reading and have a lovely day ❤️

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Posted  Edited by Edge

You were probably bored and joined a random server (GFL's) and mass RDMed. Since it was 3 years ago,  I'll lift the ban. You're free lad.


Have fun!

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