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Opinion on ttt_rooftops_2016_v1

Rooftops poll  

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  1. 1. What do you think about the rooftops map?

    • Hate it
    • Dislike it
    • Neutral, don't like or dislike
    • Never heard of it
    • Like it
    • Love it

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I've seen it before. Not my type, but that's only if you ask me:) .

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1 hour ago, Aurora said:

Free VIP if you vote that you love it


This is a lie

I can't read the bottom part, but I love the map, I love it so much. Now gimme VIP



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I dislike rooftops, but I will say it is much better than some similar maps. Just leaving this here to explain why, since its not just blind hate.


While it is certainly better than most gigantic wide open maps with basically no interiors, the map's gameplay still always devolves into just Traitors(or other evil roles in the case of TTT Anarchy) being forced to snipe people the entire match. Theres not much room to do anything else or get creative with t shop tools. While there IS some minor interior locations you can use to try to take someone out without a sniper rifle(apartments, lower part of construction area), these are limited. 


In addition, while some people like how 'COOL' the Secret eastereggs are, they kind of irk me due to how annoying people get with trying to trigger them, and how several of them basically require a T and innos to work together to trigger, which usually brings the round to a halt.

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