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i eat ass

i eat ass's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: I eat ass


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:98809748


Banned by: Lawlness


Ban Reason: Advertising


Why should you be unbanned

So I just recently started playing trouble in terrorist town after not having a computer for a few months and when I went to apply for membership on the TTT rotational server I noticed it said I had a ban on my account. The ban stated that it was a permanent ban for advertising but I have been playing on the server for the last week no problem. Then this morning I get on TTT and go to check my application and it says denied because I am banned and to apply when my ban expires. Then a few seconds later I an disconnected from the server and get a message stating I am banned. This ban happened in 2018 supposedly. But I am don't understand why I was banned again because my permanent got removed. But my permanent ban was kind of ridiculous. If I remember right it was for advertising but I was simply putting my instagram in the death chat as a joke that I was having with another player at the time. I believe I have served my time and I was playing on the server for the last week somehow without being banned and now it has been updated and I am banned..not really sure what happened there. But I really enjoy this server. It is one of the only good TTT servers I play on. This is my defense :)

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