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Host Name Suggestion And DarkRP Overall

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Hey everyone,


I'm going to be posting individual suggestions for the DarkRP server in this section starting off by talking about the server's host name. I've noticed the DarkRP launch wasn't successful which is unfortunate because I feel the server has a lot of potential, but a lot more work needs to go into it and I still believe we can turn things around with the current management.


All of the disadvantages we had the last time we launched either a Purge or DarkRP server including mediocre hardware and A2S_INFO caching (since a majority of the top DarkRP servers use this method) are gone/irrelevant now. Therefore, I feel there aren't any more excuses besides the game play, dedication, and consistency themselves which are all manageable thankfully. I know this is a lot easier said than done, but given we did have a successful Purge server launch many years ago (in 2014) where we got to #4 in the world and also have a successful CWRP server now, I really feel we should be able to accomplish populating a standard DarkRP server one way or another. I also understand a lot of things are different compared to 2014 when I was working a lot on the Purge server itself along with others such as @X2D and @nick027nd. Things are a lot more competitive now which is truthfully why I believe we need a dedicated developer who can maintain the server's technical-aspect (I really wish I could do this, but there's just too much on my plate right now regarding the Anycast network, Squad/Europe expansions, and life beating me up right now). I don't believe we should have developers working on a per-project basis on this server and instead, we should have somebody that'll constantly work to implement new features (and improve existing), optimize code, and more. Hell, I believe we should have at least a couple developers, but finding these developers is difficult sadly (we can't even find one as of right now).


Anyways, I want to first start off with the host name since I feel that's the easiest to tackle right now and doesn't require going into major detail like some of my future suggestions will be. I feel the host name is way too bland. As of right now, it's just "[GFLClan.com] DarkRP". Instead, I feel like it should be something like "[GFLClan.com] DarkRP | Feature 1 | Feature 2 | Feature 3 ...". I believe each feature should be something that makes the server stand out from others and also something that catches player's attention separately. I wouldn't even mind moving the "[GFLClan.com]" part to the end if it doesn't work out just so we can try to give more attention to the server's features. We could also mess around with special characters and see if we can find something that can replace "|" that would be better on the eyes or grab the player's attention more.


The host name is pretty important in my opinion because this is going to be the first thing the player sees before joining the server from the server browser.


Do you guys agree with this suggestion and if so, do you have anything to add that may improve it?

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I also agree that the server has a lot of potential, I had fun when it would hit around 20-30 players and it was just an amazing moment and defending myself from the annoying viruses or the players trying to raid me. Anything that the server can have that will improve it will just make it more fun for those willing to try it out when they do happen to get on, which is what brings me to agreeing with what you bring up. Allowing the players to know what we provide will help.

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