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Not sure who ves is, but the poor dude is working with a pretty dead gamemode, at least as far as CS:GO goes. That isn't to say there's no one willing to play though, you can definitely garner a consistent population. However, just glancing at this section it seems like there's no paper trail of anything being done whatsoever for months on end. It'd help if there was a changelog so the public doesn't think the manager isn't doing anything (I'd hope that they are) and then we should start experimenting. There's a million different things you can reasonably do with this type of server, whether that be incorporating more course maps, more deathmatch maps, more multigames maps, more climb maps, so on and so forth. It's a pretty vague gamemode, lots of room to work with. But if nothing is being changed you can't expect some miracle to happen and population to start coming in.

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