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Describe yourself in 2 Fictional Characters

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As the name states, Describe yourself in 2 Fictional Characters.

Give reasoning on why you think so :) ( if you feel like it)

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Finnick- In the movie "Zootopia", Finnick is portrayed as  short tempered fox. Finnick has enough self control to maintain his boiling temper for the greater good. As well, Finnick does feel sympathy and compassion for others that he cares about and would do anything to help out a friend. (example being Finnick helping Judy out when she pleaded him to find Nick.)


(I do have a short temper, but I do know when to control it as an admin. I used to have crazy outbursts when I first came here, but I have developed throughout the (almost) 2 years of being here.)






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Steven Universe-  Steven is an optimistic, friendly, outgoing, and carefree person with a happy-go-lucky attitude. He is musically inclined, a trait he inherits from his father, with a propensity for breaking out into song playing on his ukulele. Steven is also very kind hearted, good-natured, and compassionate.


(It may not seem that I have these traits, but I'm obviously an extremely different person when I'm not on my PC to provide entertainment to myself, I actually have these traits besides breaking out into song, but I only left that in there because he musically inclined, and I tend to figure out how to play instruments pretty quickly as well.)


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Hmmmm, great idea for a topic.


Character 1: Judy Hopps (Zootopia)


For one, this character is the reason my name is Rabbit.  For another, she has had to strive to get the respect she deserved from her fellow officers, and she had a tough time doing so. Constantly looked down on, ridiculed, and embarrassed while trying to move forward.


I, in some aspects, have experienced the exact same thing. Fitting in with a new group of people can be challenging, and you have to strive to find your place. You can't just expect to show up and get along with everyone immediately, you have to work at it.



Character 2: Marty McFly (Back to the Future Trilogy)


This character had a rough life, constantly reminded of by his loser father and drug-abousing mother, that he hasn't had a good life. He has to deal with people thinking he doesn't have what it takes to make it in life, and that he won't ever amount to anything. After he is given the chance to travel back and forward in time, he realizes he can change his life for the better (intentionally and accidentally).


Disregarding the aspect of time travel in real life, my story is somewhat similar. Growing up, I didn't always feel like my family was perfect. My parents were in the military, and we had to move around a lot. I never made many friends because I knew at some point I would move and leave them. After a decade or so of this movement, my parents were offered jobs, good paying jobs, in another state. It was at this point that they asked me whether or not we wanted to move, one last time. Of course I agreed, and it felt like my life was gonna get a bit easier (This totally got a lot deeper than I expected it too.

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