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  • The Second in a Series of Promotions


    As I previously alluded, more promotions are on the way. This is the second stage of the series, which will only address the GMod division. Given that our GMod division is smaller than it previously was, we have opted to restrict the number of promoted individuals so as to not mar the division with an overly bureaucratic methodology. The following individuals were chosen by a poll that was distributed to those within our Trusted group.


    @Zebra originally rose to prominence alongside his twin brother @Stud as admins of our GMod Purge server. Under @Shiny's management, they quickly ascended to be superadmins. Shiny's resignation promptly left the brothers as the prime candidates for Purge management. Stud resigned shortly after this initial promotion due to life circumstances, leaving Zebra alone to manage the Purge server. He has since been overseeing an overhaul of Purge's plugins and performance.


    @Bigtime388 was the manager of our GMod Murder server from November 2015 to March 2016, along with admin on Deathrun and superadmin on Prop Hunt. He passed off management of Murder to @Dead_Soul due to uncontrollable circumstances with his Internet connection. He has since rejoined Murder's management as a co-manager. Bigtime is also credited with the creation of our GMod Hide and Seek server. Furthermore, he has aided @Based_Matt with the server files of our late DarkRP server.


    Some of you may not agree with these choices and that's okay. Nevertheless, we shan't rue this day and should rather elect to wish these fellows good fortune in their trials.


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    1 minute ago, Shiny said:

    This is the first time I've been mentioned in a long time. Thanks for the shoutout!


    Also congrats @Zebra.. I've groomed you well. 

    We haven't forgotten about you. ♥

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    I've had very good experiences with both.  Just this morning I was asking Zebra about an opportunity, and it was taken care of right away; this hasn't been the first time either, and the work these two do are consistently well.  I like where we're heading and I'm already seeing some action taking us there... they're going to "make it happen" as I like to say.  I can say that I was very happy to discuss their promotion and give it the support with the rest of the team, and I'm extra happy to see that the discussion was realized.

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