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How to fly as a dragonfly

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Im here to teach you guys how to fly like a dragonfly.

First step is: listen to this song

Second step: Either become Lenny Kravitz or buy this costume


Third step: You must love MilkyWay

Forth step: After buying the costume and listening to the song, dress the costume and go to a park

Fifth step: After entering the park climb the highest tree(so you can fly above the trees)

Last step: jump from the tree, if done all the steps correctly you should fly like a dragonfly 


PS: Try to eat the sun if all the other steps have failed








@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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4 hours ago, Syntax said:

Instructions unclear, dick got stuck in the tree.


I got mine stuck in the zipper while zipping up the costume. The zipper goes on the front right?

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