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Cheese burger or brat

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I'd have to go with Cheese Burgers for a few different reasons. 


1. I can choose the size of the burger

2. Can be topped with almost anything

3. Almost always a safe bet at a new restaurant

4. Can be vegetarian

5. Cheap and in almost every country

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That's like asking if you'd rather eat sushi or chicken. I don't see correlation.


A guess brats cause they taste a lot better, and you can put whatever you want on them, don't see why you can't.


You can get them anywhere, just like burgers, just gotta look. I had a brat the other day.


And i can still make the brat as big as i want. Its called cutting it smaller or just adding another one to make it longer lmao



Also, i want a taste of @Dano's bratwurst :lenny:

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