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Umm Hacking's Bitch here :D

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So im FreekyBeast. I am terrible, but I like to have fun. I am 48 years old going through a divorce and have many children to feed. I am introducing myself because I saw GFL yesterday and thought wow, thats beautiful. So here i am. Glad i could waste your time reading everything that was a lie. Now.... Leave.

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What an intro.



So everyone is listing their former stuff so I'll just be cool and list mine :3


Former @HackingPotato's White Knight and Boss Former Director Former TF2 Division Leader Former Community Advisor Former TF2 Technical Administrator Former TF2 Server Manager Former TF2 Trial Manager Former TF2 Admin Former TF2 Revivalist Former TF2 Player Former TF2 God Former Media Leaderish Former somewhat Media team person Former VIP Former Supporter Former Member Former TF2 Player Former Player

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