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Plum Krazy

Banned for Aimbot?! What the hecks man?!

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Name: Chris


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:36846141


Banned By: MILKMAN


Ban reason: "Aimbot"


Why you should be unbanned: 


Its ya boy Uncle Clem's Musty Basement/SharkleBerry Fin... I was perma banned for aimbot a while back which is ridiculous. I have never hacked/cheated in my life, I have no VAC bans of any sort, and furthermore who the hell hacks in garry's mod, that's just special needs... I could see why you would question if I was hacking or not via pure speculation, my last match on GFL's TTT I picked up the silenced sniper and was headshotting hella people. Most of them were afk and some were standing still. Me and this other dude wrecked the whole server just sitting in the tower. I have no idea how you guys figure out if people hack or not. There has to be more to it than somebody getting a lot of kills and/or headshots. I honestly have no idea how to further prove myself to you guys. Want a screenshot of my installed programs in control panel? Like seriously I have never cheated in my life. I was not even questioned if I was cheating or not, just instantly banned and the reason was simply, "Aimbot" every time I try and join the server I get that message. Can somebody help me? Honest to god this was a bad ban and all of the other servers are garbage/dead so I cri. Also, was VanillaBabe really perma banned? feelsbadman

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5 minutes ago, Plum Krazy said:

Steam ID: Plum Krazy

This is not your steamid, it should start with STEAM_NUMBERS. To get it simply type "status" into your console in-game.





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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23 minutes ago, Plum Krazy said:

(i h8 u, u ruined my online life)


not the best thing to say for someone you want to unban u just saying

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