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Gamemaster Resignation

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Hey there!


You might know me as a Gamemaster on the GMod server Clone Wars RP. I have been a Gamemaster on there for about a month. It was a really fun month, I cannot lie about that. But now that school has started and sports I just have 0 time to make events for the players. Not only that but doing events now-a-days feels like a chore. Am I saying it is a chore? In NO way am I saying that. I hope that people thinking of applying for the position I had, get accepted and can have just as much fun as I had. Another reason I am resigning from this place is all the drama in the server/server discord right now. It is a drama llama. I will be staying in GFL as a whole but trying out new servers and seeing what I like more. I felt burnt out and bored doing events. It was a great time, again, but I just couldn't keep making shitty events to keep my position. It's not fair to the players for having to play these shitty events and getting no fun out of it. It was my job to keep the attention span of players  going and to give them a fun experience that they can come back to. I feel I did not do that good enough. I also can't stress enough that it wasn't the managers fault, @RickGrimesTM is probably one of THE BEST managers I have ever had. He cared so much for the server and keeping the player base. Such as: Having staff meetings, having community meetings, and taking each and every players suggestion into consideration.


I will still try and get on here and there and if I feel like re-applying then I will.

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thank fucking god

[Former] GMod Jailbreak Admin (Shut Down)

[Former] GMod Prop Hunt Admin (Resigned)

[Former] GMod Hns T-Admin (Resigned)

[Former] GMod Skill Surf T-Admin (Shut Down)




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