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Hello whoever even read these. I was not going to post this at first but i might as combine everything into one.


I will start from the beginning to now as much as i can remember. July 10, 2014 was when my first account was made on GFL. I joined days earlier than this but anyway. I joined on the TTT server right as soon as Calvin and Wildstark became managers. Probably a week off but close enough. Calvin was from TTT2 and Wildstark was from TTT1. It was a whole different group of staff members. Everyone always bicker with each other. Those days were fun and odd, so many drama happened while Wildstark was manager. Sugar and jeff getting banned for abuse of powers. Llama leaving the community. Biggest bear and smallest bear leaving as well. Pasquali, Mitch, and oberon getting suspended when they broke a rule on DarkRP. Djacks being proud about how he caused the removal of vip powers. I was admin with another person called civis. That was a fun ride for me. Civis eventually got perm banned for abusive his of powers over the rules and if I'm not wrong, he used either aimbot or speedhacks after the demotion.  Then moments later, WildStark dumped Civis to date another guy, and gave him full power not to be punished. All those who punishd him got warned by her, most of us were scared to see what will happen next so we waited till a higher up to handle her and her e-date boyfriend. In the middle all of that, I left TTT to join Purge. There were people that dislike me still like ballsmigue and some other globals that never even play the server but has powers. I was taught how to play thanks to banned SoJa and @Thomasdavid097. They both taught me everything about the server even after I got accepted as an admin. Thomas trained me and I loved him for his helpfulness for that. Then I became a private manager for CS:GO KZ before it became public that I was manager and the only way I got it was because of my relationship with SoJa. Things went south because of it, I mean I understand since it's co-owner giving a lower rank to super rank power. Favoritism in general. I evidently reapply to admin on TTT without an application. I just talk to WildStark and she told me to be more active for another 2 weeks. I was able to balance those two schedules out. I was then given Trial Admin on Gmod Deathrun when Eli was manager (not the TTT eli, the other one). Then I was given admin on CS:GO Surf Timer (Eu) and CS:GO Surf RPG Dm (US). I was able to handle most of it until it got far too tragic. I was never demoted, I just left it all because friends who I thought were friends went against me as well so I was all alone with only being close to a few player. Wildstark vanished at around early January and it took a while to get Violator promoted because of things that happened in the past that I don't know of since it was before I joined. Wildstark was evidently demoted and finally after a month, Violator got promoted. Around then TTT2 was dying and they changed manager faster than TTT1 replacing manager. 


I came back around Summer of 2015 and I went on TTT to become more active. After I got my activity back up, I reapplied again, and the first thing I see or noticed was people saying I was already demoted twice. I was never once demoted in anyway at that time. But of course rumors will stay like that till the end of time even now people still believe I was demoted twice on TTT. I gave up arguing and evidently was banished from applying on TTT. I moved back to Purge seeing that it's still as active as ever but a new manager was chosen. ShinyMagikarp was manager. I was then promoted by a bias agreement by @Floopyhiggle thank you for your support. If i broke a rule, it will be a misjudgment call on Floopy for promoting me after 10 different admins -support my application. I was evidently demoted for the first time on that community, not third time or second time for being disrespectful after I explain to a person how to make a fading door. The person simply did not like a 10 year old boy telling him what to do. I filed a complaint to them about how it's so messed up that they're allowed to swear at players and it seem the same player was okay when others were swearing at him or other crap. But eventually another demotion happened while I was in another community. It wasn't really private since we (purge) knows what happen to 2 specific people. It took one of them a long time gain everyone's trust again, because of what they caused before. Evidently, I came back to Purge and applied again. This time it was a lot better than before because I was trained by UHHH I FORGOT HIS NAME... OH @Deya to not swear. So if I wanted to say "fuck" I had to say "fudge" if I wanted to say bitch, I had to say "booger". It made me look like a child learning words but it helped me a lot to improve myself. Most of them gave me a chance, and then there's one that just simply don't agree with me. After I reported that person for swearing after they just put the same reason against my application. The person left before they were demoted for causing problems. 


That's not all the story, but that's how my stay is as an admin in general. I helped with Gmod Jailbreak when there was no manager except uhhh i forgot his name as well... ooof. But other than that, almost all was going very well and it surprised most but we did great at least. And finally after I left during the move or ddos attack, I was then banished from applying on gmod. But some managers still gave me permission to at least to get it through but I rather not. My favorite memory was when Heratic told Mary that I only got admin because I was sending nudes to Cypena (Cypher) was the best and hilarious days. She actually believed it and told everyone I was a whore. Then all the admins that were on at that time told her that it was only just a joke. She however did apologize to me because she was just upset if that actually happened. I forgave her and became her friend despite how much she's changed. Despite all the problems I caused, I still had people that still appreciate the work I've done. 

On my journey as a GFX Member, I first applied through Nick02nd since he was the leader at that time. We didn't actually have a group, it was just a small thread group. I joined somewhere late 2014 but I was never removed even after I left many times. I guess that's something that no one cares about too much. Then nick left for personal reasons. There was no leader after that and the only members that stayed after such a long time was Kate and Rcool.  Everyone else left after the activity dropped extremely bad. Qdogg joined the team much later along with other members. We journey far and long. I helped Qdogg with what things to bring people to participate like AOTM and I gave him links of how to start one. He was chosen as leader through an application process to anyone that was on the team to apply for. I helped till the day he vanished and evidently left. Then  Azura became the leader, not Rose (Aura) but Azura. He helped out the rest of the things that qdogg left for us to do. We were still alive for a couple of months until he left the community as a whole. He was our advanced member so we started to recruited more people but evidently most couldn't stay for long. We didn't have a leader for months after we became a thing. I eventually led the group in private but we were treated as equal. I was co-leader when Azura was still here. The higher up took control of the team because they didn't want to choose a new leader so soon so most of it was dealt privately. We continued to do the AOTM and SOTW, at that time AOTM wasn't as popular as SOTW.  But after a lot of our GFX crew and community itself vanished, we no longer hosted SOTW but AOTM instead. At first, I gave certain people chances for their specific art, but complaints from different direction came in since I should be more strict on the contest. So I did. But then other people start complaining about how I'm too strict. So I changed it again. And it went back and forth to the point that I'll just discuss with the team itself. But someone was telling private information to someone in public that we eventually don't know who to trust with certain information. So making the final decision was extremely tough especially for someone with horrible reputation (myself, if it wasn't obvious). The AOTM was put on-hold for certain time period because of a certain person causing a huge drama over it. It took a long time to bought it up. We had to demote a lot of people around that time because of behaviors and inactivity. Some may know who they were and others may not. 


When I finally became the leader after co-leading for many months, there was one of them who got repromoted back into the team (they know who they are), was not happy that it wasn't specifically (a higher up) this person. Although the person didn't hate me for it, but just wasn't happy about it. I let that person back in because everyone said this person changed. So I gave this person a chance and just less than a week. The person already started causing trouble. I asked about what to do since we already demoted this person for that reason already.  I was told to give this person another chance because "this person is young, probably doesn't know". I doubt someone that young should be playing on here if they were going to give me that reason. And those people know who I am talking about when I say this. So I waited and there were other scenarios that I don't understand why this person did it. Is it for attention? Is this person desperate? Is the person a loner? I honestly don't understand any means of why the person needs to moan and groan for the attention. You can get someone's attention without doing all that unnecessary information. I gave that person 10 chances to improve but I couldn't remove that person because of higher ups decision. There were much more and far more horrible news about it but I cannot say that since that's still private per Xy. I had to deal with not just that person's drama but another person because of the decision made by the CA (Community advisors) at that time. They blamed me because myself and the team had control over the art forums. So they assumed it was mostly me, but most of the punishment especially if it's a mute, warn, or ban were done by the CA+. And most of other information that they find rude was either another member or CA+. The only time I ever interfere is if it's the same person posting the same thing after the post was hidden for a reason explain in private to them. I had to deal with that and then people constantly messaging me in many forms to demote a specific person or how come I'm leader when I can't handle things. I honestly couldn't handle it when I was given not to. I cannot disobey orders and if I did, I would get in trouble. 


The main reason why I left last time and how much hatred it was because of one thing. I discussed about a certain person joining the team as the first and only social media member. All others left or never responded on their application.  I was discussing it with the team on the original discord at first. Not all responded but most did not have a problem and to make it more nice I requested the person to make an application first so that I can just accept it through that. Only one person had a problem with on the team and told the higher ups about it. Evidently after promoting that person, they demoted that person and questioned me nonstop without letting me explain. I had to answer different people's questions at the same time. So it was something like this:




A: Why did you accept 1?

Me: Because I talk with the team already.

B: I was never told anything. Why didn't you talk with the team?

Me: I said I already ta--- (around this time, another question popped up before I could answer the previous one)

C: You need to listen to your members. 

Me: Like I said, I d--- (Again... Tried to answer)

B: Why didn't you talk to us, Bae?

Me: omg. I fucking did.

B: You don't need to swear. Why?

Me: As I ment--- (and again)

D: You should listen to B more.

Me: Hold o--- (and again...)

B: Thanks. So are you going to explain why you accept 1?

Me: yes. If you stopped--- (and again...)

C: Bae, you need to slow down on your powers and favoritism.

Me: Oh hold up a sec---- (and again...)


So eventually, I gave up trying to explain to them after non-stop questions and that wasn't even the end of it. I was at work when this happened. I was crying and upset on the fact that none of them gave me a chance to explain at all. Not once, the other members that are no longer with the team did not understand why none of them gave me a chance to talk at all. I shut down the discord group for Creative Team and I left because it was too much cancer that I was unable to say anything. Not only that, a lot of the applications none of the members ever respond to them. THe only time a member respond is if its about thier specific role, so I presume that's how you guys want it to handle it. So like if someone that's video editor applies, a gfx member doesn't respond. So that happened to all the applications and so since I didn't have a social media member on the team, I just accepted that person since no one has a problem with this person at all. Nada. Nothing. 

But anyways, as an introduction. My name is Sally and only close friends calls me that. I am a college student still because I had to take a break multiple times after I started working previously.  But I had to quit because money and my mom getting mad that my salary was cut-off after I worked overtime but overtime isn't counted as payment. So even if you work overtime, you won't get paid at all. I went to China last year, to try to get away from working at that place it didn't work. I resume work again. So I tried to apply for classes, it work but I was allowed to leave early or late. Eventually, I was finally able to leave completely. It took a while but it work though! I have two brothers, I mostly dressed kind of weird. I hate showing too much skin but I have to look like a girl. I wear jackets during the summer. I wear 5 jackets during the winter cold, making myself look like a fat oompa loompa. I love cross-stitching and knitting. I'm currently a co-manager of another community. I am a leader of some weeaboo thing but its not really weeb but more otaku thing. Just a small group, simple to say. I'm actually really shy and nice to people, if people actually get to know me instead of listening to rumors. In real life, people are proud if I try to be rude because to them, I'm like some endanger species that is afraid of everyone which I am. I love the color black, but that doesn't mean I like bbc. I love traveling if possible wish to travel the world. My mum is already trying to arrange marriage me off. My mum is racist far much worse than me joking around. She still believe that I never have a boyfriend before. I couldn't tell her since I dated a Mexican and she dislike Hispanics overall but friends is fine, dating is a no. I repeated first grade because my white teacher thinks I can't speak English. Her daughter was my classmate and she used to bully me like trying to cut my hair. Anyways, so I think around then, I started to be afraid of going to school. I used to love going to school like I would have everything ready to go and all. 



Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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I didn’t read most of this as it was fucking long. Only read the last paragraph and from that at some things I kinda glanced at. Anyway this all seemed really useless to post. Also I’m sure like me most people don’t give a fuck about most of these things with maybe the exception of Winter. Also since you were including so many things from irl probably should have included how the entire thing with you trying to stab your mom or whatever went down. That’s always a good attention grabber.










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