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Ebow's Unban appeal

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Name: Ebows

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:156289500

Banned by:  !cake anti cheat


Yeah, I know. I was banned by anti cheat and it is pretty idiotic to use lua, but I am not a hacker. I was going around using a bhop script in GMOD months ago and joined a GFLclan server but got banned. Understandable. But just now, I tried to join a PVKII Server (Pirates, Vikings, And Knights, II) and apparently, that server was ALSO GFLClan. Therefore, I am banned on every server of the network on every single game. PVKII is a very small player based game and there are less than 100 players that actively play every month. The server I tried to join at the current moment, has the majority of all the players. If this server keeps populating on this game then I will be alone on other servers because I wouldn't be able to join the most populated server in the game. - Ebow

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