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Banned because of double report glitch

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Name: FakeProdigy


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41685000


Banned by: Kodi


Ban reason: rdm and leave


Why you should be unbanned: It's a long story. I was reported by one guy for rdm and then reported once again by I think moo. I was filling out a report when another popped up causing me to be glitched and not able to move. As everyone knows the only option is to leave the server and rejoin which is what I did. The server had 38/36 players for almost 30 minutes. It did not drop below 36 people so I could not rejoin and tell the admins not to ban me because I was glitched and was trying to get back in asap. I added all 3 online admins and none of them accepted my friend request so I couldn't explain what was happening. Violator accepted my friend request after about 20 minutes but I was already banned and I explained what happened but I got no response so I decided to come here. I took a picture of the glitched report because I had a feeling I was going to be banned because of a misunderstanding and needed some proof I didn't rdm and leave. You can clearly see in the picture it says "response has been submitted" but the screen was still there for about 5 minutes while I tried to get rid of it.


I couldn't type to let the admins know I was glitched in the report menu because of 2 reports and was forced to rejoin

The server was at full pop and I was on auto join for close to a half hour

I sent 3 online admins friend request to let them know what was happening and to not ban me because I was coming back in (hoxen, violator, and reckoning)

I get on and see I was banned for rdm and leave as expecteded because no admins accepted my friend request in time


It was a misunderstanding and I tried my best to contact the admins to let them know what was happening. Everything that could have went wrong, did go wrong. Thanks.


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