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SCP-817: "Random Metamorphism"

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Ok buddy. Ok r word.


You are SCP-817

You are a human male, with anomalous shapeshifting abilities

Every minute you turn into a different SCP, with a small period of normalcy inbetween.

Kill everyone and escape the facility.


Gameplay Mechanics:


In its "normal" form, this class has no weapons or abilities.



Base Health: 1500

Speed: Human Running Speed (in its "normal" form)


Achievements + Points:

Like most other SCPs, SCP-817 earns points by killing people.

No achievements are related to this SCP.



So if you haven't noticed already, SCP-817 is literally devoid of any attacks, and is relatively simple when not shapeshifted.

When grace period ends, SCP-817 has 15 seconds before it begins to "shapeshift".


SHAPESHIFT: SCP-817 transforms into a random SCP from the entire gamemode.

This does not include SCP-610 for a potential snowball effect, nor does it include SCP-049-2 for being too weak.


After 45 seconds of being shapeshifted, it transforms into its "normal" form for 15 seconds, before shapeshifting again.

The process repeats for the entire round.


The fact that is shapeshifts back to its human form allows other players an opportunity to attack SCP-817 while it is temporarily weakened.



Wanted to try a concept I had for some time, an SCP that can transform into other SCPs.

Not sure if this is even possible or relatively easy to code, but suggesting this was worth a shot.

(insert shrug here)



When it is in its "normal" form, it pools from the default male citizen models included in Gmod.


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