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Zombie Escape Event #40

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Posted  Edited by xSnowyAngel

Zombie Escape Event #40


To celebrate the release of "Pokémon Detective Pikachu", here's an event with maps that contains pokémon




To be played in the following order



*Click here to download*



*Click here to download*



*Click here to download*




Saturday, June 15th, 2019 CDT

5pm Chicago, USA GMT -6 (CDT)

10pm London, UK GMT +0

6am Singapore GMT +8



Convert to your timezone with this website:




2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated)



Pistols only for ze_Pokemon_Rivals_v1_8



Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.
Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.
Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.
Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).
Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.
All other server rules apply to the event.


External Links

GFL ZE Discord:  https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q

GFL ZE Steam Group:  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE



Good Luck and keep a look out for the next event in June!

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Posted  Edited by phantom153
1 hour ago, willywilson said:


Could we vote on playing v1 since it's an event?


willy are u think of the other pokemon map thats not by crobat, that one only has a v1. Also isnt v8 of pkmn better than v9?

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12 hours ago, FistMeDaddy said:

can we do v7_2 of pokemon adventure? I don't think the v9 version is as decent imo 

PKMN adventure v9c and before can't be played because they aren't HDR.


7 hours ago, willywilson said:




it's not a laser map, but has great models and feels like an actual pokemon game



Feel free to suggest the map, but it's a bit late to be trying to add a map we've never played to an event. We'd still need to run a map test for it beforehand and such.

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