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I was banned 4 years ago BY CONSOLE

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Hi, I am Gloom, So 4 years ago from today I was banned for a DDOS threat by console? I certainly dont recall ever doing such a thing, But I cant promise my 15 year old self back in 2015 wouldn't have said it. I am 19 now, and recall all the nostalgic events and moments in all the GFL clan servers, I really miss them... I do ):

I undeniably understand that making such threats to Distribute denial of service is unacceptable to the point of a perma ban and I will promise to not permit or allow myself to ever say such a remark even though I lack and hardly know how DDOS works? 

Please consider my appeal


Player Chef Boyardee
Steam ID STEAM_0:1:90031552
Steam3 ID [U:1:180063105]
Steam Community 76561198140328833
Invoked on 07-14-15 23:22
Banlength Permanent
Expires on Not applicable.
Reason DDos Threat
Banned by Admin CONSOLE
Banned from [GFLClan.com] TTT Minecraft 24/7 | Jihad | Point...
Blocked (10) Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Gloom, Phasma, DUCK

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