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Attempted mass? (Gone sexual)

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Name: arroyo5098


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63168790


Banned by: BASED god kuma


Ban reason: attempted mass 


Why you should be unbanned: let's start with the first kill and that was a traitor which killed 2 people in front of me and went in t room so i went to the portal to waited for him and i killed him (ik who he was the whole time i saw his name). Second kill, it was blatant rdm and i took the slay for it. After that i never dmg anyone so idk if u could call this attempted mass idk i haven't been here in a while. 

Last thing will be that i didnt like how he took only one story before he banned me and never asking for my side of it but it's whatever.

At the end of it i should get unbanned because only one of those kills were rdm and served the slay for it and idk if killing only 2 people counts as attempted rdm

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Posted  Edited by Bae

@TheKingOfPyros and @Kumathebear 

They both banned you, so either one have to be the one to unban/reduce/stay you. And it's up to @Violator to make or add the final call. So for the time being, please wait and let them give their decisions.


Apparently you were reported: 

Hence the reason of your ban.

Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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Posted  Edited by Kumathebear

First off the traitor you killed didn't do anything because I check logs, and I banned you for attempted mass so after those 2 rdms you damaged somebody else. But I'm going to be lenient and unban you but it shouldn't happen again

Edited by Kumathebear

Wy be a king when you can be a bear- Kuma The bear .... No swag 

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