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Ban Appeal

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 Username : UnknownTimes

SteamId: STEAM_0:0:458809633

Admin who banned: Zero 

Reason for ban: Being Toxic, Spreading false information

Reason I wish to be unbanned: I realized my mistake back then, when quarantine started I was thinking about games I could play and TTT came to mind. I then remembered being banned on GFL and realized how stupid I was to break the rules. I regret my decision but I ask if I could be unbanned so I can once again be apart of GFL. Thank you.

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Right so if memory serves, this is the short Summary as to what happened.

You pretty much got online on TTTMC one day and enabled and actively Participated in RDM rounds, Which caused alot of issues to begin with, Admitted to it, and accepted Demotion for such actions.

And then you proceeded to be Toxic and overall just really a pain to deal with, and the ban reason from Zero pretty much confirms this



So i'd like to ask, given that all of this is still within a year, Would you be willing to accept that your next major ban is a Big No-no?


Would you be willing to be patient as i talk to others about this (Mostly duck and the Senior admin, but also a Gmod Division leader)

What you did really put a spotlight on your True colors, so i'd like to have the Go ahead before making any final decision, given that all of those happened ALMOST a full year ago.





Have a Nice Day!


Sincerely, Server Manager Davoony


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Your attitude has probably gotten worse since you were demoted. That's one of the biggest things I noticed afterwards. Personally doesn't rub right on me because it tells me you didn't care what you did and what it caused for others. I'll be real with you, you probably deserved the ban. 

Now, it's been almost a year and I know people can change, but I'm personally leaning towards a no.





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