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I don't know if this is a thing yet or if it's already on the future list that somehow isn't listed. 


Can we add a welcome bot that sends new users a message on informing them about the community? Like it'll send some information about:

  • Reading the rules
  • Introducing themselves
  • Informing about teams optional
  • Applying for membership
  • Game servers category

And so on. If any one can also even make a small video of guiding them to the forums as well, so that way new users or even users who currently do not know how to use the forums can learn from it. 


credits to @Clavers

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I agree to this. Sometimes when you accept a member, they will ask you general questions, which is fine obviously, but I think it would be better to do this welcome bot so no misinformation is given. 


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honestly i thought we had this as I previously added something like this. Maybe got removed / broke


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Posted  Edited by Shuruia

We did have something like this in the past for member apps. I don't think a separate bot is required for this, but rather just an edit of the current approval message to include all of the info.


I don't think Sally was referring to anything to do with the forums, though. I'm pretty sure she's referring to a bot on Discord that DMs people with the info when they join a Discord on our network. I believe we actually already discussed this, and it was dismissed as being too "intrusive" since people tend to not like being DMed by bots.

Edited by Shuruia


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Posted  Edited by _Rocket_ - Edit Reason: Clarification

While I do agree with Shuruia in a sense, I have a few things I'd like to pitch in.


Getting messaged by a discord bot once you join a server is nothing new. I believe a lot of people have gotten used to it. I personally tend to just open the DM long enough to get rid of the red tick, then go back to what I was doing.


People who are courteous enough to read the rules and FAQ section will do it without the help of a discord bot. The people who aren't would likely do what I do with DMing discord bots, open it long enough to get rid of the red tick. I do understand the purpose of a welcome message, and I'm not saying it would be a bad idea to implement. I'm simply saying it would be unlikely a discord bot could be the solution to this problem (new members asking commonly asked questions, breaking common rules, etc.).

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