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[Spoilers] Star Wars: Rogue One

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Be aware, that this thread will include spoilers from the Star Wars movie Rogue one! if you haven't seen it, don't read this just yet! 

If you are not sure, if it's worth watching, let me just say that this is probably one of the best Star Wars movies created.

If you don't care, feel free to read :) 



---- End of warning



Hell yeah, I just came out of the cinema and what an experience.

This movie hold what a Star Wars movie should.


I was excited about the beginning of the movie as I wanted to see how it started, as it was a standalone and not an Episode.

The movie starts with the "far far away in a galaxy a long time ago..." but there are no rolling text. And starts in space like the others.



The first thing I picked up was the minor things from Episode 3

Such as:




HAVw A6 Juggernaut

This tank were used as a prisoner transporter in the Rogue one movie.

And were also used in the clone wars on Kashyyyk, seen in the Episode 3.




Senator Organa

The guy who took volunteering to adopt Leia.


Sadly, I were already spoiled of this character by Star Wars own Facebook page, by a huge picture of him without a spoiler warning.



He was only a few times on screen, but really amazing to see him again.

The last time we get to see him, is when he is going to contact Obi Wan(Sadly we didn't get to see him :P), who later in Episode 4 starts to train Luke.''






We are short on the planet where Darth Vader's castle lays.

Director Orson Krennic goes to talk to Darth Vader in his water tank, where you could see his burned skin.



Characters from Episode 4 also showed up revamped, here is some leaked images of them:



Grand Moff Tarkin


Pretty good job on this dude, his voice and arrogance were just in shape!




Fucking beautiful!

Amazing how they made her look so alike.

You only get to see a bit of her when the movie ended.



New set of Stormtroopers



Scarab Trooper


They were most likely casual Stormtroopers with a different look.


Hover Tank Troopers 


Didn't play any big role other than driving Tanks and AT-ACTs.


Death Squad Troopers


Guarding Director Orson Krennic through the film.

Pretty badass, reminds me of the Navy Seals.


Most of us have seen these troopers already, as they were spoiled through the trailers and teasers :( 

Sadly that couldn't have been avoided, as they played a big part in the movie.



I think this movie is one of the best Star Wars movies ever created, because it hold content shared from Episode 3 and 4, which always have felt as a huge gap.

We get to know how the plans in Episode 4 were captured by the rebels and who they were.


We see Darth Vader attacking a Rebel ship, completely destroying everyone one by one while they can do nothing but praying.

This was pure cruelty and gave us an amazing view on how strong Darth Vader really is. Poor dudes holy shit.


The very best about this movie is that the ending of this movie is basicly the beginning of episode 4.
All of the heroes died after the city on scarif was destroyed by the Deathstar, it was very sad.


They did a really good job revamping the characters and was amazing to see them "again".


Overall I will give this movie 10/10

If you have seen it what's your thoughts? :)




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After being a huge let down on The Force Awakens, I was truly suprised how well done Rogue One was. Disney, you failed once and redeemed yourself. Don't fuck up again! 


I give the movie 5/6 bananas!

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Jesus Christ this movie was brutal. 


Much better than TFA. TFA was way too safe and didn't try to do anything new. This one delivered where TFA couldn't. Hopefully, TFA was only playing it safe to be able to set up episode 8 and episode 9, and they'll be able to take more risks. But who knows?

"Be good people"

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1 hour ago, Major_Push said:

Hopefully, TFA was only playing it safe to be able to set up episode 8 and episode 9, and they'll be able to take more risks. But who knows?


I like to believe this.

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I just arrived back from the theatres.  It was excellent!  This one was my favourite one too.  I love how all the pieces fall together and connect the episodes more clearly; I also enjoy the risks they took, the film was much more dramatic/darker than the other films, and I really enjoyed the humour from K-2SO without having drawn away from that.


I would have to say there was one tacky part, that I was like... serious?... was when Forest Whitaker's character dies.  I thought it was a pretty pathetic death and they could have done better with his character.


I also felt like using the Starship to break the shield was kind of a deus ex machina with that little ship driving it into the other Starship.  Wimpy.


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