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Hi, I'm Seph

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Hello everyone. I am Sephnessed which is the same name as you will usually find me as on steam, but please call me Seph. I like to play a lot of gmod (if you look at my steam account, I have around 900 hours in the game). On gmod I mostly play

Murder and TTT but I will occasionally play other gamemodes with my friends. I have been playing on the GFL servers for a while but it wasn't till about a month ago that I became active on the murder servers. Nowadays it's pretty much the only thing I

play. After playing on the GFL murder serves, I'd like to become staff on them sometime. I have noticed in my time playing on them, there are always people who like to break rules or cause trouble, but there might not always be an admin to take care of it. Of course me working as staff on the servers won't help fix the issue entirely, but I'd like to be able to contribute in some way in order to help with it. I don't hope to rise the ranks of staff and become almighty using my admin aboose to smite down all noobs that stand in my way, but instead to have the minimum amount of power just to maintain a good gaming environment on the servers with people following the rules so that everyone may enjoy their experience on the servers. I hope for that to be able to happen some time soon but for now I will continue to enjoy my time as a member of the community.


Sorry for going on for so long about myself xD but if you're still reading at this point, here's some things to know about me:

Real Name?: If I come to meet you, maybe I'll tell you someday ;P

Age?: 17

Grade?: Gonna be a Senior next year

Where are you from?: Ohio  (GO CAVS!!!)

Single: No, sorry ladies ;)


Favorite Food?: Hamburgers :3

Favorite Subject?: Math

Favorite Game(s)?: Any and all Pokemon and Legend of Zelda games, Smash bros, and Gmod. (If interested in friending me on my DS, leave a message below)

Fun Facts?: My thumbs are extremely double jointed, I'm going on vacation to Mexico next week and once again GO CAVS!!!





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Welcome to GFL. You seem to have put a lot of time into your introduction, which doesn't happen often with new users. Thats makes me happy so I'll write something a little longer. I don't play much GMOD but at anytime you want to play CSGO, I hang out in the GFL 1v1 Arena, Zombie Escape, and SurfTimer Servers a lot. Hopefully I will see you around but in the mean time welcome. :)

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Hello Seph.

Welcome to the new and not-done community. If you have any questions, please let us know. 

You may contact me through forum PM or catch me in Teamspeak Help Desk.


Our TS3 : ts.gflclan.com


credits to @Clavers

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