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Fast Rounds

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I was the seeker on hns_district, and I got pretty lucky. I ran into the elevator, and I guess every hider went in there that round. I ran into the elevator and tagged one guy which created a chain reaction and tagged everyone else. The round ended 33 seconds after I was unblinded. I wanted to know if anyone has ever had a round end that fast with a decent amount of players and a decent sized map like that. How fast have you seen a round end?hns.thumb.jpg.69b5ed8d61b16868073a61e89a0e0e65.jpg


Made By @Lynx

jat.jpeg.cf67632929160b2d4e0df99335e7fba6.thumb.jpeg.a268ca114a3acfa34d666597b4d1a461.jpegMade By @Charmayy


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Just now, FrankAL said:

Its a stampede lel

a stamped of wild humoons run boyos



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