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Coke or pepsi

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Pepsi definitely, but I'll still drink coke

But I'll drink it from a cup with a straw because when I use a can I take little sips and that's annoying as fuck, so when I'm home I drink water



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Coca-Cola has a special place in my heart, for being my energy throughout my moderating days of Garry's Mod Jailbreak and Dark Roleplay, but nowadays, I must say that Pepsi has become my go-to drink, both because of it having more caffeine(energy, woohoo!), and because it has a better taste to me(likely due to it having more sugar as well).


However, I can drink both without any issue at all(Coca-Cola is everywhere at restaurants and such, after all, while Pepsi is not). Those are my thoughts on the matter.

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Posted  Edited by Ghost_Assassin
14 hours ago, Dogger said:

Water is superior





I like both Pepsi and Coke. Depending on the food, I may go with one over the other.


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Why are you comparing something like coke to Pepsi. Two different categories..... 


Coke for sure. :lenny:




I'm lowkey a weeb...





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