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(Num8er 3dition)


How to play:


      ♠   The goal is to continue with the other person's number by posting the next number below.


      ♠   You can do this by getting a picture of something, or object, off of the web with a number on it and posting it below.


      ♠   You can do anything you want with the number. It can be a picture, a car, a wall, etc. Just the next number HAS to be in the post.


      ♠   If someone makes a post of the same number as yours at the exact same time. Look and see if your post was earlier then the other person. If not, edit your post to the next number; so that it won't be a fuck up in the post.





 Player 1

Player 2
Related image

Player 3
Image result for 101 dalmatians





      ♠   NO TEXT NUMBERS. Numbers like "1, 2, 3, etc." Looks boring, but if you really wanna use text numbers, use a bit of COLOR and BIG TEXT.


        NO WORD NUMBERS. Numbers like "One, Two, Three, etc." Stupid plus boring.


       No Spoiler text! 


        No Links. Like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 


      ♠   No Hard to see numbers. Such as Illusions, bad photos, bad handwriting, etc. 


      ♠   Don't  Comment on other person's number and not post the next number. (Takes up space.)


      ♠   Don't break any of GFLs rules, posting something inappropriate or disrespectful that could offend to others.


        Don't be an asshole.


NOTE: If you want to post something, make sure you're on the last page.




Image result for 1 day left

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Updated: 1/11/22 (MM/DD/YY)


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