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A change to the SRV system

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Dear Admins, the SRV system is DUMB.


It goes like this.


1) SRV becomes available.

2) everyone votes. everyone, every time.

3) the round becomes dissapointing 50% of the time.

4) repeat.



Once the randomly selected round is picked, that's what youre stuck with. you cant do anything. 


So me and other players on breach want a change to this, and here's how it would work.






1) Round becomes available. Type !srv to vote.


2)Once the majority of players vote, a mapvote-like menu opens. There are a certain amount of special rounds randomly selected, this would limit the player's power while still giving users a choice.


3) players click on the round they would want.


4) the next round is changed to that.


this would give players the oppurtunity to ACTUALLY vote for a special round. Every time a new round is chosen, and it ends up being LowGr, assualt, Trouble in SCP town, Multiple Breaches, or any "meh" rounds, an audible groan is heard from everyone. so just give a ballot, problem solved!

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Oh my god could I finally have a Bright in the Screen Round where I actually play researcher? +1

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6 hours ago, BeyondNamez said:

Yeah that seems okay. But knowing the community we will always vote on a single gamemode just like we do when we vote maps lol.


That's why, like he said, it would be limited. Not all Special Rounds would show-just a few randomly selected ones. So it is unlikely one that everyone picks would appear all the time.


“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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