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"I am sorry that I could not save you.



Oh and today I'm trying to suggest something new. Here's a rare class that helps all human classes, and attacks SCPs, similar to 999 and 2953, though obviously, I tried to deviate as far from those SCPs as possible.


Hopefully this gets somewhere. Because if it doesnt—I could care less, it's just a suggestion :3 


So yeah, here's the mysterious deity that's referenced in numerous works on the SCP wiki, Pangloss.



You are Pangloss

You are a primordial deity, with a optimistic care for all human life.

Protect the people you've sworn to save; destroy all anomalous entities.


Spawn Location: Researcher Spawnpoints


Gameplay Mechanics:


Primary (LMB) - Smite



+Divine Aura: All SCPs that are close to you are highlighted.



Base Health: 2000

Primary Cool Down: 8 Seconds

Speed: Human Walking Speed


Achievements + Points:

Pangloss gets points for killing SCPs, obviously.



Savior of Daleport: Kill all SCPs in a round.



Pangloss's SMITE deals {SCP's Spawned Amount of Health/20} damage to an SCP, ignites them for 5 seconds, and pushes them back enormously.

May seem OP but,

•Knockback allows the SCP to escape, in most situations.

•Fire is meant to disorient them, not deal damage.

•Certain SCPs that do a lot of damage can effectively kill Pangloss. (173, 682)


An example of the damage dealt by the smite:

•A 682 that spawns with 2000 HP takes 100 damage from the SMITE.

•A 795 that spawns with 850 HP takes 42.5 damage from the SMITE.


(Oh, and Pangloss can only attack SCPs, similar to SCP-2639.)



Pangloss Model, he really doesn't have an official appearance so I chose the best representation of a mysterious and godly entity.

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As I have mentioned in previous threads, I believe that Breach could always use more human sided SCPs due to only two currently existing in the server. Such additions would add more variety to the game mode and provide the occasional extra-challenge to make one's run as an SCP more interesting. Pangloss's primary ability is powerful enough to scare off unwanted anomalies but is balanced out by its 8-second cooldown, making is much less effective when SCPs travel in groups (which should always be encouraged). In other words, great job Dominick.

10 hours ago, Cpt.Haxray said:


Well-spoken Hades

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but the cooldown needs to be turned way up.  Maybe up to 15-20 seconds.

It's not that it's OP in any way, it's that the passive is so powerful.  It may not look like

much but most SCPs are short-range and highlighting them makes it so that everyone can avoid them

and not even give them a chance to do damage.

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