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SCP Boss Battle (682 idea from Mari)

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SCP-682 Boss Round
"SCP-682 has become too strong and is adapting too fast! We secured the other SCP's but 682 is changing too fast. We need to take him down!"
SCP 682 Special round where 682 gains random upgrades every minute.
It's only TRO and Researcher's this round. However, 682 gains a random benefit for surviving every minute.

Whenever a minute passes, he gains a random ability. For this reason, 682 remains wholly the same at the start.
All of his abilities
-682 can now dash more often from excessive will alone.
-682 has observed 017 and has taken his ability and a much more darker form! (682 randomly does the 017 attack)
-682 has observed 066, he's begun blaring music out of his mouth! (This attack happens at random and won't slow him down.)
-682 has observed 372, hes begun jumping around and is harder to hit! (This will also be his right click.)
-682 has observed 681, There's a pungent gas lingering behind it! (This is a passive)
-682's desire to escape grows! He can now break doors extremely quickly.
-682's hatred is burning! 682's base speed increased!
-682's gotten wiser! 682 can now see players through walls.
-682 is unstoppable! He has gained more health!
-682 has observed 2845! He can now tun people into hydrogen! (Also takes up the RMB slot. This is so he can't jump AND shoot.)

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This Is Actually WAY Better Than What I Had, Nice! However I Don't Really Like The Idea Of The Researchers In It, 682 Has Most Abilities Of SCPs In This Round And I Don't Think The Researchers Would Do Much Unless They Camp The Exit. 682 Can Jump Now, Have Long Range Attacks Now, And Not Even From A SCP, Being Able To See Through Walls. No Offense But I Prefer If Its All MTF. Very Good Version Of My Idea 4.5/5

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On 5/11/2019 at 1:29 AM, KaitoKiriyama said:

-682's gotten wiser! 682 can now see players through walls.


We're all gonna die...

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Either make it so it is all a special response force NTF that spawn up top or TRO inside of the facility and ur gucci.





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