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SCP-3166 " You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield"

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SCP-3166's Article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3166


Thank you Pizzy for letting me know that there actually is a Garfield SCP

Holy shit



SCP-3166 is a 2.1-meter-tall humanoid entity, presumed pataphysical in nature, known to manifest during periods when the Garfield media franchise is performing poorly in terms of public reception. The exterior layer of SCP-3166's body resembles a crudely-made costume of the character Garfield, which field inspection has shown to be composed of legitimate cat fur. However, analysis of SCP-3166's composition in the field has shown that its interior mass is composed entirely out of pasta: specifically, lasagna.


Upon reaching its target, SCP-3166 will attempt to inflict bodily harm upon them through a mixture of blunt force using nearby objects and force-feeding of lasagna, obtained through self-disembowelment. During this process, SCP-3166 will vocalize by meowing, purring and screeching in the manner of an extremely agitated cat. Lasagna outside SCP-3166's mass has proven to be an effective form of bait for the entity, as upon seeing it SCP-3166 will abandon its original goal and instead attempt to incorporate the pasta into itself.


New Item: Lasagna


Property: Healing (Mainly)

Spawn: Medkit Locations

If someone uses Lasagna, they

will be healed by 70.



You are SCP-3166.

You look exactly like

Garfield but, your

organs are made up of

lasagna. You can use

this lasagna to heal

allies but, it will harm




Team: SCP Objects

Health: 1400

Attack Damage: ---

Attack Speed: ---

Movement Speed: Human Speed

Spawn: N/A



LMB: Attack with Object

RMB: Feed Lasagna

Special: Object Damage

Weakness: Lasagna



LMB: Attack with Object

Range: Close

SCP-3166 has different attack

damage and attack speed depending

on the current object SCP-3166 has

possession of.


RMB: Feed Lasagna

Range: Close

Cooldown: 260

Lasagna can do two different

things depending on it is used on.

If it's used on anyone in the SCP Objects

team, that person will be healed by 300

but, SCP-3166 would lose 200 health.


If it used on anyone outside the SCP

Objects team, that person will heal by

20 but they will have the bleeding effect

similar to SCP-106's bleeding effect.


Special: Object Damage

With this special, SCP-3166

is able to hold only 1 item but,

SCP-3166 will use it to attack

people instead. SCP-500, Medkits,

Eyedrops, S-Navs, NVG, and Radios

cannot be picked up by SCP-3166.


By dropping the current object SCP-3166

has, SCP-3166 is able to pick up another item.

If SCP-3166 has no items, it cannot attack them.

All guns will not shoot bullets if SCP-3166 is in possession,

of any of them. Instead, SCP-3166 will hit people with

it in close range.


-Keycards: 5 Damage / Attack Speed: Rapid

Extra: Can open keycard doors depending on the level.


-SMGs: 30 Damage / Attack Speed: Half a Second


-Rifles: 45 Damage / Attack Speed: 1 Second


-Crowbar: The Same as a normal Crowbar.


-Stunstick: The same as a normal stunstick


Pistols: 15 Damage / Attack Speed: Rapid


Weakness: Lasagna

If there is lasagna on the

floor and SCP-3166 is near it,

SCP-3166 will be forced

to face the lasagna.

If SCP-3166 touches it,

SCP-3166 will be healed by

100 and it will be stunned for 1






Total uses of the word 3166: 30

(Including Title and the 3166 used right now.)

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