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    I am happy to announce that Community Representative voting has concluded. I am very happy with the participation in this election. We had 238 unique voters with 415 total votes cast! The results are as follows:


    @Infra takes home 100 votes and is elected to the Council.
    @Salad narrowly edges out Shuruia with 89 votes and is elected for a second term.
    @Shuruia received 88 votes.
    (Furry) @Alexis received 42 votes.
    @BlazingArson received 41 votes.
    @flamie Alexis received 32 votes.
    @K1P_ received 23 votes.


    @Infra and @Salad's Community Representative term shall begin today, May 8, and will end on November 8, 2021.


    Additionally, to reward those who participated in the election, the following people who voted have randomly been selected to win VIP:


    @AnimeKiller- 1 Month VIP
    @AlphaOwl - 1 Month VIP
    @Morganlefaye69- 1 Month VIP
    @Grandayen- A steam key for the game "A Way To Be Dead."


    Message me with the following information to claim your prize:



     - Your profile link
     - Your Steam ID 32 and Steam ID 64 (BOTH OF THEM, steamid.io)


     - Just message me to receive the key, no further information required
     If the winners fail to message me within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected from among the people who voted.


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    Just now, Salad said:

    Thanks to all who voted for me, can't wait to continue to help GFL grow and succeed! 


    We only voted for you to get rid of you! Since you can't run again now 😄

    Jk, you'll do great again, congrats.

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    11 hours ago, Shuruia said:

    A lot of the community veterans seemed to back me, but the large amount of new faces we've been getting would naturally think differently.

    You got my vote, def all the OGs voted for you. 

    Happy that @Infra won tho. Brown boys represent. 

    Edited by TheJitFace
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