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Story of the Month - July

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@Darkling had just become Community Advisorate. Everyone wondered when GFL would come to its end. 

Then @Roy and @RickGrimesTM came together as a gay couple to stop @Darkling from being cancer.

10 years later, GFL is covered in gayness from @Roy and @RickGrimesTM, and @Darkling is nowhere to be seen.



The gayness was created by @Kubnair


(This is horrible and I am going to jump off a bridge, cya)


Thank you @AceOfSpadesMM for the signature! Very much appreciated.

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A man named dan defeated the clan with dick in hand. This man named dan told no other greater story then that of a clan defeated by a man named dan with dick in hand he came off as a good man.

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Đⱥțâ Scientists

- "Don't get up." said President Holder as he entered the conference room.

The eight experts, scarcely raised from their seats, sat down again. The President took possession of the chair at the end of the table. Two of the bodyguards who accompanied him sat behind him and the other two on each side.
Jeran Waldek was worried, but then remembered that it was the usual security protocol. He looked at his colleagues, four women and three men, who seemed more confident than he is. Like them, it was part of the cream of Data Scientists, these experts in massive data analysis from multiple and scattered data sources.

- "Ladies and Gentlemen, as the first scientifically determined President of the Republic, I would like to congratulate you personally because you have contributed greatly to this major development of our society." announced The President.

Jeran *grinned * but he felt very lonely. His seven colleagues, swollen with satisfaction, nodded in silence.
"You have demonstrated that," replied Holder then stopped for a brief, "the result of each election was entirely predictable, thanks to the algorithms, forgive my non-initiated vocabulary, to the algorithms which underlie predictive analysis. The common mortal, of whom I am, has now understood that all information circulating on the Internet is recorded in mega-data centers accessed by predictive analysis engines. These engines are able to give a perfect image of the opinion and to anticipate its evolution. They can also provide a prospective projection of the real needs of the population. Ladies and gentlemen, you have rendered the surveys obsolete by considerably improving the predictability."

Jeran *cleared his throat* 

Holder *laughed softly*

- "There is no effective group without a protester whose role is to doubt. It contributes to the credibility of the process. Mr. Waldek, I know that the reliability of predictive analyzes is ninety-nine percent, less, according to you, but the results are nonetheless relevant" said Holder.

Jeran *hung his head to hide his trouble*

"Yes" replied Holder. "A small portion of the population does not exist on the Internet or, therefore, in data centers. You claim, and I am willing to believe, that an undetermined number of savvy individuals leave a minimum of traces on the Internet and, by extension, in the data centers. But in both cases, I am convinced that the impact is insignificant. Predictive analysis engines are operational and efficient."

Jeran *sighed*.

Holder *smiled at him like a stubborn child and then turned to the other Data Scientists*

- "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached an important stage. For the first time in history, we have not called voters to the polls. The predictive analysis announced the result that the ballot would have produced, that is to say my election to the Presidency of the Republic." broadcasted Holder.

The experts applauded. Jeran felt obliged to mimic the gesture.

- "After such a success, we can look forward to the next phase. As we now know, predictive analysis allows us to constitute a National Assembly without going through the ballot. It even makes it possible to determine what laws will be voted by this assembly. It is therefore useless to mobilize the voters, it is useless to have deputies. Future laws will be determined through predictive analysis. Ended the vain and expensive campaigns. No more sterile and unproductive debates. The present meeting will be dissolved, as required by law. It will not be renewed."

Holder *paused to reinforce the announcement effect*

- "What do you do with polluters and inverters?" Risked Jeran, surprised himself by his audacity. "The former flood the canvas with their insults and other diatribes, the latter express the opposite of what they think, either through play or by provocation. And then ... Predictive analysis refers to models. These models are certainly sophisticated but they are not the exact reality."

Holder *frowned, but replied in a tone of voice before one of the Data Scientists interfered*

- "Again, these marginal elements do not influence predictive analysis. It seems to me, as I understand it, that it is to solve these minor problems that a weighting coefficient is applied to the data processed. Well, having said that, I would like to touch on another subject: all of you."

*The eight experts agreed. The subject was unexpected*


- "I am very pleased to announce that our citizens are generally satisfied with the implementation of predictive analysis." said Holder.
Holder let the experts assimilate the good news. Jeran commented that overall this was not as positive as it was, and inwardly ironized that predictive analysis predicted the index of satisfaction of his own use.


Holder *inhaled as if to give himself courage*

- "Nevertheless, predictive analysis also tells us that people are afraid of you. Almost all of them perceive Data Scientists as a threat, especially because you are able to alter the algorithms and, by making them evolve, alter the predictions."
- "But this is not our goal", tried to protest Jeran.

Holder *tapped on the table to interrupt*

"So it is incumbent upon me," the President continued, "to reassure our fellow citizens. That is why, in the future, we will do without your services.

The experts, frightened, fixed the President. Jeran shuddered. The bodyguards issued their revolvers.

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