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[7-29-16]GMod Update - My Thoughts "So Far"

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I didn't check for grammar mistakes, but everybody should get the main points of the update.



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The only opinion there is that I'm going to save this quote:

6 minutes ago, Roy said:



Anyway, my word: I'm sad that DarkRP went down because of lack on the population - probably because I shouldn't have applied for the admin(considering I was busy with server management, and admining on other servers).


I hope there'll be huge improvements on the GMod side.





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God fucking dammit Roy, another lenny? I'm going to see this in everyone's signature now.


As for CWRP, the server has some issues regarding some maps that crash the server with very little droids being spawned. *cough* endor *cough It also has a game breaking issue where people can delete doors/elevators when they are user+. It STILL hasn't been fixed. Happy, for what I've heard, only knows the basics(adding maps, adding guns to jobs, etc.) I'm NOT trying to insult Happy. This is ridiculous. It's been there since day 1 and it still hasn't been fixed. 


Another R(I)P server? DarkRP was actually fun, I played it for a little while and collected money, qDogg and Sasha we're good managers(at least, that's what I know). The server was talked about back when he first got power over it and hyped everyone up. He left the project and kept on hyping it up. It was eventually given to Joel Smith, which had qDogg, Sasha Grey, Otaku, and Domps on it almost every day fixing Joel's mistakes + adding things to help the server. The server was super hype for end of 2015/beginning of 2016, but it came out in the beginning of summer. It just wasn't fun to think about that.


As for GMod income and shit like that, I think what really makes a server get income is that it needs to be something cool and exciting to donate. A playermodel or trail? That's not fun. Purge did so well for so long because it had jobs that were so much fun to play as for supporter/VIPs, so people donated(that's what it felt like when I first played on it). I get ~150 ping almost always. I NEVER get so bad ping on any other GFL server. I've pretty much heard the exact same thing over and over again. "The server has hundreds of props on it causing lag and people do stuff that makes it lag." I remember when prop limits we're an actual reason to donate. 


Overall, the Garry's Mod community isn't "bad". It just seems that it has really bad people managing it.


im so tired kmn

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I do agree if there was a more dedicated Manager MiniGames could have done better but also from what I remember the game mode was broken and the Dev was being too lazy to fix some things. Just what I remember, overall a nice little update post to keep people updated until the more important update comes out.










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In terms of expanding servers, I don't think we should continue to add more RP servers due to the fact that it's difficult to get population and attract new people. You would have to teach them all the rules and such and compared to game modes like death run or murder, RP servers are pretty damn complicated.


Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having our current servers. In fact, I can see them having potential. However, those are the type of servers that require good managing and good population to make the experience enjoyable. The other game modes are so much easier for people to understand and less frustrating.


As for clone wars RP, the server is completely empty unless an event is going on. It's very fun when there's an event, but when nothing is going on, everyone leaves. Therefore, we need to find a system to keep the audience entertained (or we could always make GMs do a shit ton of work :lenny: ).


I do see why we need to focus on the current state of our servers because why waste money on another server when we can't even get one running fine? Overall, I believe we can get GMOD in a better state in the future and that we seek to be taking the right steps so far.

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I highly agree with Roy in the matter of expansion. We should not be expanding the gmod division until we have cleaned up the division and its management. Once that is said and done, we should not expand into RP servers unless we have the proper management to run it. Dark RP and Purge are dying/dead and some say that Clone Wars is getting to that as well. GFL is an excellent community for servers (in gmod) that are not RP, such as our old DR, murder, and ZS. If you do expand later on, the division leaders should focus on getting dedicated managers for those game modes, like a new Deathrun or DayZ. 


We have the potential to make popular servers, we just need to address these issue within the division before the community can move on. 


The community has to take that step back, look at the servers and ask ourselves "what went wrong?", then fix the issues. Once that is done, we can start expanding again. 


Just my 2 cents. 


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the problem with RP servers is that there's already SO many of them on countless communities. Adding more will not work. you'd need to create a whole new section of RP, which i think i speak for everyone in GFL when i say, nobody wants to do. Just because Purge was popular (and even that is slowly dying) doesn't mean any RP server will be popular


Adding something small like Flood, Minigames, etc, would be perfect since there aren't as many of those servers around and would be able to increase in population.


Second thing. Management. You'd need a dedicated person to manage a server like that, anyway. Someone who's played a whole lot of the server and would be a giant help to it.


If anyone disagrees with me, please don't bring it out on me. This is my opinion, and i will leave it as such.


Actually, one more thing i'm adding to this. Admins. (again, this is my opinion) Some managers need to be more careful when selecting admins. A few servers have admins who might not deserve it. But that's my opinion on some of them.

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RP servers are like TTT servers. Everyone always sees one and thinks "oh man it's just another server". Trust me, I know this firsthand. You need to make a unique server if you're expanding into these gamemodes, like making another CloneWars RP server when there's a bunch of others more than likely will not be successful (I haven't actually looked, this is just an example). Same thing went for TTT, there's just so many of that type of server that it's hard to make a new one. IF we were to expand into a new game, I would recommend not doing an RP or TTT server, at least for now. 


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