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Special Round Tweaks and Ideas

Thoughts on the new special round ideas?  

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  1. 1. Which special rounds did you like the sound of?

    • 079's Funhouse
    • Karaoke Night
    • SCP: Containment Breach

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I've noticed more and more that people love their special rounds. The problem is that it feels like half of the special rounds can be really boring. Not only that, but it can also really be annoying when people constantly vote for special rounds when you just want to play a standard round. I've thought up some tweaks that I feel special rounds could use. I also threw in some new special round ideas.


- Tweaks/Changes - 

I don't know if it is intentional, but you can vote for a second special round during a special round if everyone votes during the 1 minute grace period. I would suggest removing this; however, some people might be opposed, so let me know what you think.


Like I said earlier, some of these special rounds really are boring. I'm talking about O5 Retrieval, 106's Funhouse, Hide and Seek (for me its boring), BrightInTheScreen (in its current state), and Trouble in SCP Town.

I'd suggest to remove/rebalance O5 Retrieval and 106's Funhouse as the majority of players don't really find them fun. (At least, I don't like them) Maybe Trouble in SCP Town too.


- New Round Ideas -

079's Funhouse (a completely original idea)

- There are 3 079s. They all share the same health and same UI with the same cooldowns. There are 3 of them so they can cover more area.

- The rest of the players spawn as Class D with radios. They can either choose to escape or chose to attack the 079s.

- There are no reinforcements (besides the SH that 079 spawns)

- There are increased O5 keycard spawns


Karaoke Night (i'm not sorry)

- A completely normal round except there is no intercom limits. (All micspam rules still apply)

- Have fun.


SCP: Containment Breach (this one is meant to be spooky)

- Only CB SCPs spawn: 173, 049, 106, 096

- The human's vision is constantly limited like in BrightInTheScreen. The vision would be limited to being a bit smaller than a Site19's hallway length. (Door to door)

- The SCPs are nigh unkillable (9999 health). 049 zombies aren't included and have the standard health.


- All SCPs start at 682 speed, but will slowly gain speed as the round continues. (Except for maybe 096/173?) The SCPs speed will continually increase past the normal speed capacity.


I planned to add more events including Class-Es but Class-Es just need to be reworked. The only real unique thing about them is the 1-shot 300 damage taser. That's it.


Let me know what you think about these events, suggest your own below, yadda yadda

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079 sounds like a potentally interesting round, definitely different than the other rounds we have.


Karaoke night, sounds, uh, meh. Not that particularly interesting, or unique, because it's only one minor change, but so is low-gravity so.


I really like the SCP:CB round though. It sounds fun, and actually scary, and scary is something that doesn't happen a lot in breach.


So yeah, take your +1.

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