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You know I haven't made a real suggestion in a while, perferably because I DON'T WANT TO ANYMORE.

I'm bored, and I want to pour out all the remaining ideas for items I have left. I hope some of these are useful to you, in whatever way.


So here's the finale for the SCP Object Overhaul series. The last of my effort is being put into this.


Previous series.




I tried to make this suggestion waaaay earlier, but my browser crashed and I lost a few ideas.

In this series, I bring you a special item: bonus ducks.

Hope you enjoy.


"Well, that's enough chit chat. I've got a rocket to launch."



SCP-512: "Gravity-Nullifying Umbrella"


-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Active Weapon.

-On use: steadily floats upwards.

-Upon collision while floating: drop umbrella; enjoy the fall.

Purpose: I'm free falling, and flying. Hide from enemies in high areas above their heads, or float through the water room in Site-61.


SCP-668: "13" Chef's Knife"

"Nobody will hear you scream."

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Active Weapon.

-On hit: both you and your victim become invisible from other players.

-On hit: victim is stripped of all weapons temporarily.

-Deals 25 damage.

-User can still take damage from outside sources.

-After 10 seconds of not being damage, the effects disappear.

-Upon death of victim: effects disappear.

-Does not work on SCPs

Purpose: Kill your helpless victim without alerting anyone else. Useful for taking out players one by one.


Strange Grenade

"Something ain't right about this thing."

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Grenade

-On hit: victim is infected by SCP-409

-Victim will explode into crystals after 3 minutes if not healed with SCP-500.

Purpose: An interesting take on a grenade.


Saturnalia Device

"The essence of a divine prophet."

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Grenade

-On deploy: a 2845 attack pentagon is created.

-Pentagon has a delay like 2845's attack.

Purpose: The power of the Prophet, right at your finger tips.


SCP-690: "Joke Bandages"

"This is fine."

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Consumable Weapon

-On use: victim can no longer use healing items.

-Only has three uses.

Purpose: Get a jump on your opponents and screw them over for the rest of the round.


Vial of AMN-C227

"Woah, deja vu."

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Grenade

-On deploy: a small lingering cloud is created.

-All players that enter the cloud get "foggy" vision for 30 seconds, similar to Bright in the Screen.

Purpose: I don't feel so good.


SCP-396: "And Suddenly, Chair"

"Wait, what?"

-Spawns in random location.

-Item Type: Entity

-Randomly teleports to fixed locations across the map, without blocking significantly blocking pathways.

-Can spawn with any object on top of it, that is in the random object pool. (Ex. Keycards, radios, etc.)

Purpose: A fun lil' entity, that can prove to be useful occasionally.


Saxaphone Duck!

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Active Item

-On Use: plays a saxaphone solo!

-Passive: plays a saxaphone solo when an SCP is nearby

Purpose: Jazzy quack.


Ghost Duck!

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Active Item

-On Use: start levitating for a 10 seconds.

-5 second cooldown.

Purpose: Spooky quack.


Weird Duck?

"You feel uneasy."

-Spawns in a random location in the entire map, usually in corners near doors.

-Item Type: Entity

-Plays a jumpscare noise to players who are nearby.

-Plays spoopy ambience.

-Teleports to another location every 30 seconds.

Purpose: Strange quack.


Medic Duck!

-Spawns in random item location.

-Item Type: Active Item

-While Equipped: slow healing by +1 HP.

Purpose: Healing quack.



There you go, the rest of the item suggestions I've had.

And now, as a small extra, I'll throw away all the SCP ideas I've had stored, mention a couple of my previous suggestions that could be reworked, and give a shout out to some other notable suggestions that I really feel should have been recognized more.


If you want to make a suggestion and expand on each concept, go for it.


SCP-1913-1: "Agathos"

-Would probably have some corrosive ability thing.

-Leaves puddles of corrosive stuff.



SCP-1913-3: "Freddie"

-Goes up to players, touches them, explodes and leaves them scorched in fire.



SCP-3199: "Humans Refuted"

-Has a claw melee attack, but has an acid spit that deals damage over time.

-When killed, becomes an egg with 420 HP that has very slow movement.

-If not killed as an egg under 10 seconds, it respawns.


SCP-1983-2: "Doorway to Nowhere"

-Spawns with 13 HP.

-Completely invincible, except by "Blessed Revolvers".

-Freezes itself and its victim while attacking.


Blessed Revolvers

-Spawns as a random item spawn.

-Deals small amounts of damage to human players.

-Right click opens the book with a prayer on it, which is a random jumble of words.

-Player must type it exactly to "bless" the revolver.

-Only "blessed" revolvers can deal 1 point of damage to SCP-1983-2


SCP-1861-B: "The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer"

-Spawns as an alternative to Serpent's Hand.

-Spawns with a sidearm, and a stunstick.

-Has a "kidnap" swep, which freezes itself and its victim in place.

-If not attacked, the victim becomes another instance of SCP-1861-B and respawns at reinforcement spawn.


SCP-1507: "Pink Flamingos"

-Spawns in a swarm of 3-5 players.

-Has a "intercom hijack" ability, which allows them to speak using it.

-Has a radio, allowing them to communicate with other radio users.

-Deals bleed and damage.


SCP-3166: "You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield"

-Throws lasagna to enemies for damage and slowdown, to allies for health.

-Lasagna toss takes away health from itself, but it can heal using 294, 458, and 330.


SCP-650: "Startling Statue"

-Alternative spawn of SCP-173.

-Does not move at all. Right click teleports itself to the mouse pointer.

-When it teleports near nobody, they get "spooked".

-3 strikes and your out, free heart attacks followed by death.


SCP-860-2: "Forest Monster"

-I suggested this before, but somebody should remake it.

-Gameplay reminiscent of the hunter from L4D.

-Pounces on players, dealing bleed and clawing them to death.


SCP-046: "Predatory Holly Bush"

-I also suggested this before, but like I said, it should have been remade.

-The ultimate replacement of SCP-2521, borrowing its slow-down concepts.

-Players that are near it or get attacked by it get slowed down, and absorbed into its mass.

-Has poison, or some type of damage over time effect.


SCP-352: "Baba Yaga"

-Another previous suggestion that could have been better.

-Gameplay ressemblent of the smoker from L4D.

-Hair strands pull in players for melee attacks.

-Can place down "webs" that slow down players that pass by it.


SCP-956: "Child Breaker"

-The last suggestion that I could have definitely have written better.

-Keodonger's favorite pet, second to 1471.

-Has a bat, that deals a stun and smashes players.

-Can eat strange candy that it gets from killing players for health.

-Players can attack it for candy. If 956 eats normal candy it takes damage.


SCP-025-FR: "Silence de Mort"

-A worm that burrows underground, and pounces on its victims by surprise.

-Ecolocation; has an ability that highlights nearby players.

-Attack deals stun.

-SCP from the French wiki!


SCP-795: "Reality-Bending Cat"

-Doing it right, this time, for the last time.

-Exists alongside 607, using this pm.

-Rehired by the foundation (researcher class). Almost identical to how it used to be.

-All SCPs are turned into big rats, which have 1000 HP, move fast, and have fists.

-SCPs that have been made rats will return to their health before they were converted.


SCP-940: "Ananeae Marionettes"

-Infectious SCP that makes infected into strong, but temporary creatures.

-Different stages of infection, increasing severity.

-The final stage is incredibly dangerous, but only lasts for a few moments before dying.

-"Patient Zero" spawns among Class-D.

-Infection is chance based and not 100% definite.


SCP-217: "The Clockwork Virus"

-An SCP that I really enjoyed making a suggestion for, because I thought it was such a neat idea.

-Look over it if you want. It's personally one of my most favorite suggestions.


SCP-008: "Zombie Plague" / MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters")

-Chance that a round will be missing an SCP, but with some other additions.

-SCP-008 grenade vials spawn around the map, turning damaged players into zombies.

-Identical to SCP-008 from the special round.

-MAZ HATTERSSSSSSSS (spawn when there's a large number of infectious SCPs. Ex. 049, 610, 217, 940, 008).

-Maz Hatter vests are immune to infection.


SCP-303: "The Doorman"

-Support-type SCP.

-Players don't tend to go next to it, allowing it to block passageways.

-Bad stuff happens to players that are near it.

-Heart attacks?


SCP-811: "Basement Cat"

-A good suggestion by Haxray, which I thought should have gotten a bit more attention.

-A SCP-511-1 instance that kills people and makes SCP-511 instances.

-SCP-511 instances deal a lot of damage, bleed, and can explode at will.

-And SCP-511 instances have an Umbreon playermodel.


SCP-040: "Evolution's Child"

-A replacement spawn for SCP-049.

-Needs to fully kill somebody to infect, but can turn infected victims into different specialized instances.

-Huge potential for a lot of cool stuff to be thought of regarding infected instances.


SCP-990: "Dream Man"

-Another personal favorite, and definitely one of the most unique SCPs I've suggested.

-Mhm, legal ghosting.


SCP-058: "Heart of Darkness"

-Latches on to players, dealing damage. Inspired by a headcrab.

-Has small leaps and can cling to walls, and ceilings.

-Replacement spawn for 372.



-I'm pretty sure you were working on this before, Xy.

-I don't know what happened to it, but I was kinda' looking forward to it.

-Definitely could have been an interesting addition.


SCP-178-1: "3-D Specs"

-Similar to Haxray's suggestion.

-Is always invisible, and cannot be seen.

-Low amount of health to compensate, but can damage all players.


SCP-569: "Heads"

-A notable suggestion by Haxray, featuring my favorite floating, vommiting, disembodied heads.



SCP-020: "Unseen Mold"

-Holy crap Haxray has really made some good suggestions. I just wanted to remind ya'll that he has made some pretty good ideas and I don't really want to sweep under the rug.

-It could be you, it could be me, it could even be—


Now that I got all of that off my chest, it's time to sleep. I'm tired.


So yeah, uh.

Bye I guess.



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1 hour ago, Doomnack said:

SCP-3166: "You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield"

-Throws lasagna to enemies for damage and slowdown, to allies for health.

-Lasagna toss takes away health from itself, but it can heal using 294, 458, and 330.



you serious

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Started to look through these. I've coded the following while waiting for CSS ZE to upload to gs09:


 - Saturnalia Device

 - 512

 - 668

 - 011 ( @Cpt.Haxray, you win 🇫🇷)

 - 396


I haven't even gotten a chance to plan out any of the player controlled scps, but after I briefly skimmed it, I'll look at SCP-990 and SCP-178 for the next update to be added alongside the aforementioned scps (which are done and are simply waiting to be implemented) and SCP-1799 (which is also done, I just need to test it). I will more than likely use some of the other suggestions, but they will probably not make it into the next update (simply because I don't want to have too long of a gap between updates). Right now, the way "Replacer Spawns" work in the gamemode code is fairly messy and will need to be addressed before I add too many more playable SCPs (we are very low on SCP spawns on most maps). The current method for replacer spawns involves a small block of code at the top of an SCP's set function that says "Pick a number between 1 and 3. If they number is 2, then execute SCP-XXX's set function and return from this function." (For example, say SCP-096 was a replacer spawn for SCP-173. SCP-173's set function is executed, it checks if a random number is 2. If it is 2, it executes SCP-096's set function and does not execute the rest of SCP-173's set function. This results in the player being 096 instead of 173). If you know anything about coding, you can probably guess that would make a mess fairly quickly. I have also seen it suggested that I make a lot more map exclusive scps, but the issue is that many scps will end up not being played very often due to the predominant map being site 19, so I think the "Replacer Spawns" are a much more viable solution to this.


Thanks for putting these together. I'm aware that I have been pretty bad about implementing player suggestions and I don't really have a good excuse as to why I haven't been looking at them other than I have been occupied doing other things (working on other projects, non-gfl related stuff, moving servers, etc. Doesn't really matter) Now that I have been on summer break, I'm going to start going through these. Historically, sometimes I ignore (give no decision on) a suggestion that I have decided that, for one reason or another, I will not do/add. My goal is to have gone through and say "Yes, this will be worked on" or "No, I will not work on this because..." to every suggestion by the end of the month so that I can clean up the suggestions subforum (There are 28 pages of suggestions including several suggestions from 2017 that I have not gotten to yet).


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


Twitter ❤️Ko-Fi ❤️Github






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@Xy_ Seriously, take as long as you want. I could care less if the next update was in a literal year. Because it's not like I care about Breach gameplay anyways, it's permanently horrible and we both know that, lul.


In no way are suggestions things that are DUDE, XY, COME ON, YOU HAVE TO ADD THIS. If it was then it wouldn't be fun to deal with the suggestion forums.


"We're just suggestions, sir. We're meant to be expendable."


A majority of my suggestions are meant to be bounced off the wall as an idea that could work, but also couldn't at all. That's why a majority of suggestions are edited if they do get implemented, cause they're basically a rough draft, in a sort of way. They all share mistakes and that's okay, it gets corrected if it gets implemented.


Like 2845 for example. If anything, I was thinking correctly when I made it because there was no way to implement that correctly. I'm pretty sure it was literally impossible, or unnecessarily hard to code the "look at you, and then you dieeeeee" thing, so that's why I'm happy that it ended up in its current in-game form. It still plays as good.




I'm getting progressively bored of Breach, and I have officially stopped caring about the actual gameplay. It took me a while to realize that I don't play Breach because Breach is fun, that would be incredibly stupid. I play Breach for the people who play it, and yeah, I enjoy talking to other retards.


I dropped the majority of my last bits of knowledge here, you can make of it what you will. For the SCP suggestions they were just the bare minimum of concept for a possible SCP. I'm too lazy and I don't have a solid idea for what they should be, so I wanted to give you my ideas and see where you can take them yourselves.


If you do make a suggestion, good luck. If not, then whatever, gamemode is a bust anyways.


I wish I had the ability to completely rehaul Breach, but it's gonna stay the same way it is. I know that for a fact, and I'm not mad either. Maybe somebody else actually enjoys the gamemode, and to that person, you might have a physical dent in your head, but at least you can find fun in something I can't. You'd be more passionate about helping to fix than me, which is why I want to stop making suggestions, because writing them for fun no longer interests me.


Hell I don't even know if I might even be admin for much longer because I can't take my job seriously. I mean, have you seen the way I act when let's say, somebody like Gary is on. Though, I keep it set in my mind that I'll only resign when all the people I like stop playing Breach. Until then, I still hav purpose to continue playing.


So yeah, buh-bye doomfag.

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