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[Announcement] New CS:GO Division Leader

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remember when I was bitching about 1v1 while playing rust? and saying how stupid shit was @virusking and how you told me to stop bitching and what not and just play rust?

hey man thanks for listening to my endless bitching and complaining you have been a blessing.


I still can't believe that I actually slept for a whole 12 hours was so damn nice been years.


never forget.

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I do recall when you were a more prominent member, and I've seen you peak out here and there.  I don't know much about you outside of those few hints, but I still think you will do well.


As much as I'd hate to regurgitate myself: That division has a history of empty promises, and the weak leadership here is easily swayed by it especially after a few card and coin tricks to briefly entertain them.  I hope you're not another one.  Don't let us down ;) 

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