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Well this really ended up as something lol.

I wanted to suggest SCP-025-FR but I couldn't find a model lol.

I wanted to suggest SCP-1984 but I couldn't think of something good yet lol.

I wanted to suggest that one triangle dood from SCP-1936 but I couldn't think of anything good either lol.

I wanted to suggest SCP-4833 but that didn't go well either lol.

I wanted to suggest SCP-1913-3 and SCP-1913-1 for like, EVER, now, but there's no model yet for SCP-1913-1 lol.

Oh and that one creature from SCP-1983 lol.

el oh el


So now I want to suggest something that improves the game as a whole.

If there's one thing that seperates us from SCP:SL, is that their SCPs have more depth.

What I mean is that they pay attention to small details, like each SCP has their own footstep, a few have unique damage sounds.

It makes it seem like each SCP is "alive" in their own respect.

I've made a suggestion like this, but I was to capitalize on all the new content we have added for these last few months.


So here's a list of minor changes to SCPs, most of them are purely aesthetic.

You obviously don't have to add all of them, you can select certain ones if you'd like.

The top ones are to add depth, while the bottom ones effect gameplay.

Hopefully this ends up getting somewhere.





You are SCP-939

-Has bite sounds. (borrowed from SCP:SL)

-When not disguised, "purrs" while extremely close.


-Players that are close to it are highlighted.


You are SCP-106

-Has "corrosive" footsteps. (borrowed from SCP:CB Pocket Dimension footsteps)

-Breathes while close.


-Has a new "corrode" passive ability. SCP-106 has access to LVL 1, LVL 2, and LVL 3 doors. Makes some generic "corrosive" sound from SCP:CB while doing so.


You are SCP-096

(use this as reference)

-While docile, plays crying and idle sounds.

-While angered, plays "triggered" sound effect.

-Might play a shorter version of the "scream" sound effect when angered.

-Screams wild chasing players.

-Uses the "act zombie" animation while enraged.


You are SCP-372

-When passively undisguising, "chirps" once. (borrowed from its sounds from SCP:CB)


You are SCP-607

-Press R to meow!


You are SCP-049-2

-Occasionally emits "idle" noises. (borrowed from HL2 standard headcrab zombies)


You are SCP-682

-Has "stompy" footsteps. (borrowed from HL2 strider)

-THE GODDAMN ROAR when it charges.


-SCP-682 no longer slows down completely when it is done charging, and "deaccelerates", allowing it to go a bit further.

-SCP-682 has access to LVL-1, LVL-2, and LVL-3 doors, and makes the sound that SCP-173 makes while forcing a door open in SCP:CB.


You are SCP-334

-Sizzles while close.

-Plays burn sound effects while attacking.


You are SCP-1048-B

-Uses SCP-1048's model instead of using an edited version of SCP-1048-A.


You are SCP-689

-Plays sound when telporting. (literally the first sound in this video)


You are SCP-681



-Has a melee now, where it can rapidly deal 5 damage to players.

-Health buff.


You are SCP-207

-Can be dropped, because for some reason it can't.


That's about it. Go home now.

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I've always had the idea that SCPs should be able to interact with the intercom in some way. I mostly thought each SCP can play a sound that corresponds with what they are, with the same normal cooldown. They could only play that sound, no mic, nothing else. Ex: 106 would interact with it and everyone would hear his laugh. This would not only provide depth, but also serve as a gameplay feature. It could act as a taunt or a general "Hey, I'm where the intercom is!".

If this recieves positive feedback I will update it with more specific ideas.

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2 hours ago, Doomnack said:

You are SCP-207

Wait until Xy implements a playable soda can.


2 hours ago, Doomnack said:

-Has a melee now, where it can rapidly deal 5 damage to players.


681 already has this.


The rest though, I approve. +1

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I definitely agree that while the breach scps are unique, they lack some polish. 106 and 682 would be amazing with these changes, and i have been waiting so long for an 096 animation/sound that i will take the zombie animation at this point. This would give the scps more personality and make them stand out more which is great since most of these changes are not that hard to implement (imo could be wrong). 




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